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  1. H

    Frontier Bushcraft’s ‘Forest Hunter’ Course

    Hi, I wasn’t able to post this in the Courses section as I didn’t have the requisite ‘privileges’ to do so... hope this is close enough. I am enrolled in the Paul Kirtley Forest Hunter course this October, I had missed the enrolment period but managed to get one of the cancelled spaces...
  2. M

    Planning Tips For Wild Camping Scotland? (Post-lockdown of course)

    Hi All I am new to this forum and to camping in Britain. I have enjoyed camping and the outdoors throughout most of my life back in South Africa (been living in the UK for 2.5 years), but haven't found the chance, until now, to go for a proper camp. I was initially put off by the 'traditional...
  3. DudleyDoRight

    Wild camp and fish.

    Hello everyone. Rookie fisherman here looking for a good spot to wild camp, wake up and fish. Somewhere without permits or easy to get permits maybe online or something. Don’t want to bother anybody concerned about Covid 19. Any recommendations? Would be much appreciated. Obviously for after the...
  4. M

    Looking for an area for a long term bushcraft camp

    I currently live in the North east and am looking for a place in Scotland where I could set up a long term Bushcraft camp where people can come and learn and share their Bushcraft and sustainace hunting skills with others.
  5. LewesBushcraft

    Loch Macaterick - Galloway Forest Park - Wild Camp

    Hi all. I'm looking for some advice on camping at Loch Macaterick, as it looks like a lovely spot, as far as google satellite view is concerned. Does anyone have any experience of camping at this loch? If so i'd appreciate any advice you might have for me in terms of reaching it. Thanks!
  6. I

    canoeing and camping

    hi guys I've not been on here for a long time but i need your help. i am trying to find somewhere i can Canoe and then camp for a few days, what i'd really like is a lake or loch with islands i can camp on, could anyone recommend anywhere in the uk?
  7. D

    Advice on south east Scotland

    Hi all, myself and a couple of friends are planning on a spot of wild camping in march somewhere in south west Scotland. I was hoping someone would have some recomendations for us, either a nice secluded beach or forest, somewhere we can just get away from the dreaded rat race for a couple of...
  8. coastal survival

    Course offer - complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer course - discount booking offer.

    Thought you guys might like to know theres a booking offer on next years Complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer course in South West Scotland. Please click this link for the full info. Thank you, Fraser.
  9. L

    Canoeing and bushcraft in Scotland

    Here is a vid of last weeks trip to scotland:
  10. D

    Inflateable canoes! Anyone use em for bushcraft?

    Ya know, i love the idea of going to scotland in the summer, and just finding a loch, with an island, and packing my mutt n myself in a canoe and spending a few days on an island....any one done it? any pics?
  11. D

    advice for Scotland hike and camp

    Hi all, I'm looking to take a little break in Scotland, I live in Durham and would preferably only want to drive a max of 2 hours. I'd like to be able to park up somewhere, hike for maybe 5/6 miles and then wild camp by a nice loch for a bit of fishing for a cpl of nights before returning. Does...
  12. M

    Knoydart - walking and a little packrafting. Pic heavy...

    Knoydart April 2014 With just 4 days spare for this trip it was important to get an early start from the Midlands. Up at 2.30 am :( Arriving at Fort William at 10 am (after a 7 hour drive) is always a relief. The drive onward from Glasgow is really the start of the trip though. I love that...
  13. theoctagon

    Backpacking Ben Lawers

    Just got back from a cracking weekend up in the snow in Scotland so I thought I'd share a couple of photo's and a video from my trip: Camp below Ben Lawers by @OutdoorsMH, on Flickr Sunrise from camp, Ben Lawers by @OutdoorsMH, on Flickr Not really a trip report...
  14. P

    Bushcraft is Scotland & Norway

    Hi, Just thought I drop a quick note to anyone thinking of doing any bushcraft in Scotland. A bit strange as I live near Cambridge!, but I'm prepared to travel to get to the best places and instructors. I've been on three courses with Patrick McGlinchey from the 'Backwoods Survival School' and...
  15. leedsbrew

    2 night wild camping/walking trip Scotland (Galloway Forest possibly)

    Hi I'm new to the forum and loving trawling through the posts. Loads of great info/advice. Myself and my two brothers (liams105e + one not on the forum) are planning a weekend wild camping/walking trip north of the border in August. We are all pretty experienced campers, walkers and...
  16. Lordyosch

    Footprints in the snow -Galloway forest

    Hi all, I've just returned from an excellent trip to Scotland. Early in the week I was in the Galloway forest, the Loch Trool area. One day, whilst out showsnoeing near to Curleywee I came across some tracks in the snow. There were no other signs of disturbance on the ground. The snow was deep...
  17. Scots_Charles_River

    Loch Ard Canoeing

    With a High Avalanche forecast and fresh snow, rather than winter climb, I decided to nip up to Loch Ard. A lovely flat calm and quiet loch, was a great way to spend a few hours. My Tarp was used in case of any rain but none came in. Very hard to get a kelly kettle going with wet kindling...
  18. Scots_Charles_River

    Sun, Sand and Silly Songs....

    We had our clubs now annual Inchcailloch Camping trip this weekend, on Loch Lomond. The site can be booked up and it has a composting toilet and no other facilities. Of course, it's the south facing, beach setting and island on the loch location that is the attraction. Apart from a powerboat...
  19. Scots_Charles_River

    Shot repeatedly whilst unloading a canoe.........

    I was shot repeatedly today whilst unloading my canoe, luckily they were only practice BANGs, form a drilling re-enactment group of Napoleonic era soldiers. Beach put in at Kinlochard I was out on Loch Ard checking wild camping spots in case the Island has any drunken campers on it or if...
  20. Scots_Charles_River

    Inchmoan Beach Canoe Camp

    We went for a night canoe camping a few days ago. We arrived in hot sun and chilled for a bit in the sun:cool:. The ten year old decided to beach camp, to avoid ticks. We had toured around and decided that Inchmoan was the sunniest spot, even though the trees have not greened up. There was...