Inchmoan Beach Canoe Camp

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Dec 12, 2006
paddling a loch
We went for a night canoe camping a few days ago. We arrived in hot sun and chilled for a bit in the sun:cool:.
The ten year old decided to beach camp, to avoid ticks. We had toured around and decided that Inchmoan was the sunniest spot, even though the trees have not greened up.

There was a light but cold northerly wind and this was to continue that night.

Only a powerboat on the other side of the Island and four young canoe campers on the other side too. So a quiet night. No midges or clegs out yet.;)

The rangers were crawling about the narrows in the morning but no traffic about. No wind but sunny. We then left and headed to Glentress for MTB action.

Too much kit for a night ? Well most of it is spare clothes for the cold. I'm not sponsored by LOMO but like there drybag rucksacs.


Landing spot.


Tick free sandy beach campsite.



Used a Vango stove I got at Xmas for the first time, very fast. He was cooking all his own food and packed his kit all by himself. Becoming more independent. Said that canoeing out was ok but camping in the beach is best. Trick is he wears a thermo rashvest and thermal leggings at this time of year so never gets cold. He slept in two 2 season bags was toasty.


Banana Roasts in the fire


Just before landing back at the Lochside carpark

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