Loch Ard Canoeing

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Dec 12, 2006
paddling a loch
With a High Avalanche forecast and fresh snow, rather than winter climb, I decided to nip up to Loch Ard.

A lovely flat calm and quiet loch, was a great way to spend a few hours. My Tarp was used in case of any rain but none came in. Very hard to get a kelly kettle going with wet kindling but managed two cups of water. The lifeboat matches from the Brit Rations packs were very fast burning and had stinky smoke.

I was checking out a few wild camp spots fro school trips, some were very messy and had lots of metal litter. I noticed a lot of cut/burnt down Rhodidenrens. Saw quite a few deer tracks at the shoreline. Aberfoyle was back in business after flooding a few weeks back.

Loch_Ard14 by Scotstechy, on Flickr

Loch_Ard13 by Scotstechy, on Flickr

Loch_Ard9 by Scotstechy, on Flickr

Duke Murdoch's Hunting Lodge/Prison

Loch_Ard by Scotstechy, on Flickr

More here http://www.flickr.com/photos/79734192@N03/sets/72157630047288782/with/8274426033/
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It is a great paddling place, shame about the litter though.

loch lomond is the same - you got roads, you got litter, you want true wilderness - you need to go further north - tell you what though - I've spent a week on loch arkaig or up in sutherland - for example - (total wilderness) & I've spent days on loch venacher, lubnaig, voil, earn, tay, leven, & loch lomond (handy from Glasgow) - the experiance is always rewarding - & judging by these pics, loch ard is on my list of day paddles.
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Jul 23, 2007
Central Scotland
Nice day for it, Loch Ard is my all time favourite! BTW itIt was the FC cutting and burning the rhodies towards the end of summer onwards.



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