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  1. J

    For Sale Bushcraft "User" Package (GM Timberwolf & Mora Forest)

    Both of these are what would be called "users". They have *not* been abused but have had time on sharpening stones after use. 1. Gary Mills Timberwolf This one started as a blade blank a couple of years ago. I have put green micarta handles on it with red liners and stainless steel corby bolts...
  2. Tipi

    Wanted Mora classic and or 106/120 / sloyd

    looking for a sloyd type knife or mora classic. Happy to buy or trade, thinning out bushy collection at the moment and have various pots, stoves, billies and pouches to trade
  3. GreenNomad

    Mora Companion Clipper Carbon 840 Steel Knife

    Just picked up the Mora Companion Clipper Carbon 840 Steel Knife as the second item in my new collection of equipment. (First being the TBS firesteel) New to practicing bushcraft, but I have read many positive reviews on this knife, and the price is incredible!
  4. spader

    Mora Classic 1 & 2 and Mora Carving Knives

    Hi All These were bought NEW but not used, hence for sale. Payment via Paypal. Strictly over 18 only please. Price quoted includes UK mainland tracked delivery. Mora Classic 1 & 2 for £ £35 Mora Carving knives set for £35 ==> Sold
  5. spader

    Mora Carving and Spoon Tools

    Hi All Just gathered up some used surplus tools from the shed, and selling them. The First top is Mora 120 SOLD. £50 for the remaining 4x lot deal. ====>Sold
  6. Dreadhead

    3 Handmade Leather sheaths for Mora Clipper

    Just finished these three sheaths. Made to fit a standard Mora Clipper, but will also fit the heavy duty version. Each sheath is made from 3-3.5mm veg tan. Each has a removable belt loop so that they can be adjusted for neck carry. Two are hand carved with knotwork on both sides, dyed in...
  7. spader

    Mora Pathfinder Fail

    Hi All Stumbled across this vid on youtube. I cannot understand French, but as they say a picture tells thousands words. My question is, 1) Is the Mora Pathfinder a weak knife? 2) Is it OK to use a knife for battening? Maybe a hatchet or small axe...
  8. J

    Spring Cleaning (Spyderco, BRKT, Mora/Kabar)

    Time for a little spring clearing... 1. Spyderco Bill Moran Drop Point VG10 (As new) £55 ... Now £50 (£82.95 @ ) Apologies for the poor photo, but it is mint. 2. Bark River Highland Special A2 Green Canvas Micarta (BNIB) >> SOLD £75.00 (Same as this one...
  9. J

    x2 Mora Bushcraft Knives

    Couple of mora's that are not going to get any outdoor time.... 1. Mora Bushcraft Force. Never used. Custom bowie profile (by me). Stainless. £26. inc p&p 2. Mora Clipper 840MG Companion. Never used. Rapidboy kydex sheath included. Carbon. £17. inc p&p Would prefer BT payment over PP. :) Joe
  10. Angst

    Chris Caine Companion Sheath & Robusts....

    hiya....just a quickie....managed to get a sheath done for Chris' Companion model....I absolutely love this knife and will be receiving my own on Thursday, can't wait...though I've gotta admit that if Chris adds any more awkward shaped knives to his range we will be falling out lololol!...a...
  11. Two Socks

    Finally: Mora and Hultafors side by side!

    There has been some talk on the comparison between hultafors and mora knives on the forum lately. When I was in Norway last week I picked up one of each (A Mora 511 and a Hultafors HVK) to compare. I picked these 2 because the blade-dimensions are nearly identical. Here you see them side by...
  12. kard133

    DD Tarp XL, Mora Robust, SRM Land 905 , Mears Mora 510 and others.

    Hi, I have a few things to pass on to those who will find a use for them. All prices include PayPal fees and 1st or 2nd class recorded postage. Please PM me and post in the thread, first come, first served. DD Tarp XL, 4.5 X 3 metres, one small patch near the edge has been repaired...
  13. Angst

    Mora 120 Wood Carving knife sheaths....4 of them

    Hi... I've just finished making these...Mora 120 Wood Carving knife sheaths...made from 2.5mm full grain veg tan shoulder and embossed with with my makers mark and oak leaf motif...hand-dyed with fiebings or natural artificial sinew, thick 4mm welts to protect stitching, black...
  14. Totumpole

    Knife No 2 - my first full tang.

    Hello everyone. Over the last few days I have bee at the knife making thing again. THe first knife I handled was a stick tang, but wanted to have a go at a full tang. I purchased this Mora blade, pretty much because it was the only full tang blank I could find (other than a few damascus ones)...
  15. Rob

    Rummaging on the shelves in the store

    Over the last couple of days, we have needed to venture to the back of a few of the shelves in the stock room, in order to locate a few things for customers. Definitely time to have a bit of a clear out - as I found boxes of things lurking there that I had forgotten about way back. ;) If you...
  16. D

    Snugpak fail in the New Forest and knife talk

    I was out on Friday night under a clear starry sky in the New Forest. I was on a Thermarest Neo-Air, under a tarp with one end closed, wearing long johns, a merino undershirt, a fleece jumper and a hat, in my Snugpak Elite 3. The temperature was, I estimate somewhere between six and three...
  17. Samon

    Does the Mora classic come in stainless?

    I've been looking at the Mora classic range lately with the intention of maybe doing some handle mod's but all I can find is the carbon steel and laminated steel versions. So.. Do any of the classics come in stainless? If so could you please point me in the right direction!? Also...
  18. Angst

    Mora clipper sheath

  19. kard133

    Mora 511 at Clas Ohlson

    Mods please move this if it is in the wrong forum, I popped in Clas Ohlson in Cardiff earlier today, and although they are not on display, and you have to ask for them, they are selling the Mora 511 at £3.69, or £3.16 if you buy three or more. They had 20 when I when in, and 17 when I left ;)
  20. spader

    For Sale: More Moras, Brusletto, Nessy

    Hi All Selling more sharps from my draws. :) Price includes UK mainland delivery. Payment via Paypal. 18 or over only please. 1. BRUSLETTO TROLL Blade. Lightly used for cutting tapes. Temporarily handled with tree twigs from the garden, but very comfy for light cutting jobs as it is now. But...