Sold Bushcraft "User" Package (GM Timberwolf & Mora Forest)

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Jun 4, 2011
Both of these are what would be called "users".
They have *not* been abused but have had time on sharpening stones after use.

1. Gary Mills Timberwolf
This one started as a blade blank a couple of years ago.
I have put green micarta handles on it with red liners and stainless steel corby bolts.
The blade (O1 tool steel I believe) is *super* sharp. Possibly the sharpest blade that I have ever had.
The blade has some patina on it - on some parts more than others.
It has been used - spent more time around the garage then in the field.
As it never came with a sheath I contacted Gary directly and bought an original sheath for it - so it's basically brand new (from GM)
Excellent ergo's all round and really does smoulder through wood.

2. Mora Bushcraft Forest.
Not seen as much use as the timberwolf for sure. However, the blade has still been put onto a stone to bring back the edge.
No damage to handle or sheath that I can see - so for all intents and purposes, like new.
Stainless steel.
[lots of reviews out there]

£75 for both (all in).
BT preferrable over PP.

(First "I'll take it" either in post or via message gets it, based on the timestamp]


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