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  1. Dean

    Trip Report Finand Canoeing Expedition with Forest Knights

    Photos taken from my trip with Forest Knights to the beautiful area of Finland called Saimaa Lake near the Russian Boarder. The peacefulness and tranquility of the area was music to my ears which allowed me to switch off from modern life though there is full signal everywhere for anyone wanting...

    Building a dugout canoe

    Hei! In the summer of 2017 I started to build my own dugout canoe. Here is a short (and picture-heavy) story of that process. It is still work-in-progress but the first half of the boat-building process is now done. English is not my first language and the grammar is a bit rough, but hopefully...
  3. K

    Quieter canoeing in France?

    Off into France during August approx. 6th - 16th. I know this is the busiest period but have limited options with other-half being a teacher. We'd love to do some canoeing or kayaking. Anyone suggest any areas we might find some relaxed stretches of water (max grade 2) that're unlikely to...
  4. I

    canoeing and camping

    hi guys I've not been on here for a long time but i need your help. i am trying to find somewhere i can Canoe and then camp for a few days, what i'd really like is a lake or loch with islands i can camp on, could anyone recommend anywhere in the uk?
  5. Scots_Charles_River

    Loch Ard Canoeing

    With a High Avalanche forecast and fresh snow, rather than winter climb, I decided to nip up to Loch Ard. A lovely flat calm and quiet loch, was a great way to spend a few hours. My Tarp was used in case of any rain but none came in. Very hard to get a kelly kettle going with wet kindling...
  6. P

    Where to borrow/hire a canoe from?

    I was talking to someone who expressed a desire to get back out on a canoe camping trip. Now I have never done it but I come from a whitewater kayaking background and have tried canoeing a few times. I have all the skills to do it but not the money or inclinations to actually buy one. That...
  7. D

    Paddling The Wye

    Just returned from three days on the river Wye and had a great time. Started at Glasbury and hired two two-man canoes from Wye Valley Canoes. They provided sealable barrels for our kit in the event of capsize. If I do this again I'll buy some dry sacks and stuff my kit in them as the barrels...
  8. Zingmo

    Got a canoe!

    Off the bay from a nice chap called Steve. Needs a bit of fettling, but will do for me and the kids to mess about in. (youngest wants to go the south pole!) :canoe: Z
  9. forestwalker

    New book: "Skogsliv" by Lars Fält and Bo Weslien

    Just a tease for most of you; the latest book by Lars Fält (and Bo Weslien) is quite good. Talks about the "old style" bush travel, why it is good, how to do it (not in too much detail, but in principle and general). The title could be translated as "Life in the Forest"
  10. Long Paddle Martin

    Has anyone canoed & wild camped down the river Tay?

    Hi bcuk, Has anyone canoed down the river Tay that could give me some advice? For a while I have wanted to go for a proper wild camping trip down a river in Scotland & the Tay seems like the obvious choice. I have canoed down several level 3/4 rivers & that was no probs so I want to...
  11. Puchal

    Masuria Lakes, Poland - one day canoeing trip trough Krutynia River (pic heavy)

    Last weekend I spent with my family at the Masuria Lakes (more about the district ) Although my lovely wife is brave girl, she is not really enthusiastic about sleeping under the tarp. She can climb the ridges and walk for hours trough hilly...
  12. Woody

    Bushcraft Expeditions Canada Video

    Not really photography but if any one fancies watching our Tobeatic Wilderness Expeditions Video I have posted it here 10 days of old world canoe travel and learning the local bushcraft, campcraft, tracking and wilderness living skills. Its fairly large and in two parts, part II in the...
  13. rancid badger

    Hand Made Leather Pack Straps FS (Canoeing?)

    as the title; I thought I'd have a go at making some leather straps for lashing stuff onto thwarts or what have you and came up with these: Box not included They are made from 3.5mm veg tanned leather, dyed and then treated with neats foot oil, to keep them both supple and water...