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  1. Dave Budd

    Yakut blades

    After seeing a post from Janne about a type of Siberian knife known as a Yakut (not to be confused with a hipster yogurt product), I thought I would see if I could get one knocked up for the Moot. I had a little look into them on t'interweb and they are an interesting blade. Convex to the left...
  2. shinobi

    Gränsfors axes & Wetterling hatchet.

    Time for an overdue clear out of the sharps. Apparently, I don't *need* this many axes! :rolleyes: All axes have been stored indoors, in their sheathes, so no corrosion is evident. All heads are hand forged so show usual manufacturing marks, but there is no damage to heads. I've marked...
  3. Pockets

    Looking for a neck knife

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new around here (lurked for a good while) I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good solid little neck knife blade that I could handle myself? Want to make a little project out of it. Where would I look for something like this along with the supplies like...
  4. A

    Searching for Machete Blank

    Hi, Having made a few knives in the past I'm looking to try my hand at a machete fit for proper use, but can't find a blank anywhere. Anyone know where I can find a decent Machete Blank? Huge Thanks.
  5. J

    New Knife from Will Adams in conjunction with Dryad Bushcraft and Survival

    I like the look of this, original design but without being so different that it is no longer useful for UK bush work.
  6. PaulSanderson

    The birth of my first Scandi...

    Hi everyone... ...I have recently just finished my first scandi, and thought I would document its birth. Please excuse the terrible photo quality as they were taken on my phone. It's not the first blade I have made, but to be honest it has probably been the most enjoyable. It started of as a...
  7. A

    Sharpening a convex blade

    Hi, I just wanted to know the best tool/gizmo/method for sharpening a convex blade. I have nothing to sharpen my knife with as I am knew to all this, so I wanted to buy the right equipment for the job. Can anybody please recomend anything? Cheers.
  8. Samon

    what's your prefered pocket knife? + pics!

    Let's see your pocket knife! What's you're favourite and why? What things do you choose in a pocket knife? Feel free to add pictures and stories about your trusty knife of the day! :)
  9. spader

    FS: Damascus Usuba Blade (Japanese Chef's blade)

    Hi All This sale is just for a blade, which had been temporarily handled with a stag. It's had been used lightly, and in very good condition. Recently the temporary handle has been taken off to put something better, but I decided to sell it on. The same blade is for sale from Brisa as a kit...
  10. R

    adze ideas

    Hi all Ive been thinking about getting some green wood working kit and think i would like to get an hollowing adze, to add to my draw knife bill, hook shaving horse ect. can anyone suggest a good supplyer as all the ones I find look a bit crap or cost a fortune. Many thanks Mike