adze ideas

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Mar 19, 2010
Hi all

Ive been thinking about getting some green wood working kit and think i would like to get an hollowing adze, to add to my draw knife bill, hook shaving horse ect. can anyone suggest a good supplyer as all the ones I find look a bit crap or cost a fortune.

Many thanks


mr dazzler

Aug 28, 2004
I have owned a henry taylor adze for about 25 years, it is ok but improved with addition of a very tiny slight micro bevel and a long handle. I never used a gransfors, djarv or karllson adze so cant comment
I just missed out on a kestrel elbow adze and 3 curved knives on ebay:(. And 2 north bay scorps.....:(Elbow adze is the direction I am moving in though. You can buy ready made blades and custom make a handle. Or you could get a blade forged up.


May 26, 2008
I have a gransfors, not that i am a name collector at all, but jucst couldnt find any others. Untill the week after i got it thn saw a chap who made them for about £60 so much cheaper.

Sorry i dont remember who he is, but he frequents a good many of the re-inactors fairs..Im sure others wil know better though...

mr dazzler

Aug 28, 2004
Mike, I found these on canada ebay. Bayviewman also does crook knives and other stuff. It doesnt show up on an ebay uk search for "elbow adze" even from international sellers?? :confused:
He says he could produce an adze blade (no handle) so as to build your own tool for around $40 plus S&H

Might be of interest? Cant vouch for the guy as havent traded, only email contact as yet. But he and his brother are carvers and shoulld be able to make usable tools.....
cheers Jonathan


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 20, 2005
Durham City, County Durham
You can always make yourself one with a plane iron and an elbow of suitable wood. The plane iron already has a hole or slot cut in so there are many ways to attach it to the wood.
That's perfect for a straight adze, and if you want a gutter adze, simply heat the plane iron in a fire and reshape it over a former. It will have to be rehardened though (not too difficult).

Have agander at my posting in the Carpenters brace by Littlebiglane.

I had two adze's in my hands today at a bootfair, old tools too, the seller wanted €14 each. They had short handles only about 9 inches long. Just the wrong end of the month for me to buy something like that. M:rolleyes:ebbe next time.

I see 'em a lot over here in rural France.