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  1. J

    Custom made axe handles?

    I was wondering if anyone here knows of someone who is UK based who would make a custom handle for my axe? In December I imported a vintage True Temper Kelly Works Firefighting Axe from the USA. Don't ask me why. I've just always wanted one. I love the look of them. Probably something to do...
  2. J

    Any thoughts on this axe from mil-tec?

    Hi there I recently bought this axe from mil-tec and so far have been ok with its performance but somewhat disappointed with the cover and the handle. I cant find any reviews anywhere and so I was wondering if I might've accidentally bought a shitty product (in terms of long-term durability...
  3. S

    Large knife: Brusletto Villmann?

    Hi everyone! I'm interested in buying a rather large knife (Brusletto Villmann).. I actually own the smaller version of this knife (Villgutten) which I really like, however, there seems to be varied opinions of the usefulness of these types of knives in the northern hemisphere, has anyone had...
  4. XIX

    For Sale African handmade axe/hatchet

    I have for sale a handmade African axe/hatchet. I bought it on my travels in Kenya many years ago. I don’t know a great deal about it other than it seems to have an animal bone shaft and a sheet metal head attached with copper wire. It’s very primitive in design and I would describe it as more...
  5. XIX

    Sold Wenger Wiglaf Hatchet/axe

    Wenger Wiglaf Hatchet/Tomahawk by American ABS Journeyman Smith Dave Wenger. This is a lovely little hatchet but I just don’t use it. I put my name down last year for a run of these and his books are currently closed to orders. They are made in small numbers and Dave also produces small runs...
  6. XIX

    Sold Jimmypie Axe

    Hi everyone, I have for sale a new/unused Jimmypie Axe. It’s in O1 steel which has been black washed and has a sculpted Phenolic handle. It comes in a green kydex full sheath with a Paracord adjustable shoulder cord and a molle clip on the rear for attaching to a belt or bag. This axe was...
  7. Dave Budd

    For Sale Sharpening Course: Feb 4th

    I've got a sharpening course coming up in a few weeks time and there are still spaces, so thought I'd see if anybody here would like to take them up at a special BCUK discounted rate! :) One day course to learn how to sharpen knives and axes primarily. I'll go through edge geometry...
  8. P

    Small forged hand axe - ash haft - leather mask

    Here is the latest to come out of the shop a smaller axe with good packability and control This axe was forged entirely by hand, and the haft handcarved from a locally sourced piece of ash. Here are some specifications: Edge length is 76mm (3") - total length is 375mm (14,8") - weight is 555...
  9. P

    Forged axe with ash haft and leather mask

    Hello, this axe is now going up for sale, i did a work in progress on it over in the edged tools subforum ( This axe was forged entirely by hand, and the haft handcarved from a locally sourced piece of ash. Here are some specifications...
  10. Dave Budd

    Carving Tools Course

    This time it's a week long course to make your own Carving Tool kit! :Wow: This course combines my knife and axe making courses, with a little extra thrown in. As always the course is run in my Woodland Workshop in the heart of Devon, about 10 miles west of Exeter and you are welcome to camp...
  11. malley

    Axe enamel badge designed by Descry0

    Hello all, Posting on behalf of my partner, Jo (Descry0). Let me know if this is ok to post here? ------ " My Little Axe Pin is now available! So excited to release this design inspired by my passion for the wild. I hope to release more of my designs soon (see original post with the first...
  12. descry0

    Little Axe hard enamel pin badges - Finally got them going!

    Update from post: After taking heed of much feedback (thankfully received from the post link above) and simplification I am producing my very first pin badge. I'm testing the waters into Pin design! Yes, Similar to...
  13. GreenNomad

    Cheap axe

    Aldi has a small cheap axe for sale on their website if anyone is interested.
  14. bobnewboy

    Recently made: Longbow string keeper and a basic axe mask

    Hi All, What with one thing and another I have been pretty busy lately, but have found time to make a couple of essential (to me :) ) items: a longbow string keeper, and a basic axe mask for my Robin Wood carving axe. Both my own design, but not complex in either case. The string keeper does...
  15. Endeavour Bushcraft

    Olive Oil on Axe Handle?

    I've been looking around trying to find out if it's a good idea to use Olive oil on my axe handle. I've been using it to oil knives and other tools for years, but what about on wood? I seem to get mixed opinions where ever I look. What oil do you use on your axe handle? Or do you even oil...
  16. P

    A Viking axe

    Hello again! I have yet to get bored of axemaking, and i am always finding myself coming back to the subject. Here is another one, the construction method is symmetrically wrapped with a medium-carbon edge bit! It started out as a piece of mild steel, with the dimensions 12x35x190mm, and a...
  17. rg598

    Trip Report Part 2: Classic Backpacking 1/24/16 - 1/25/16

    This advice is not intended for the tenderfoot, for he should never attempt to "rough it," and that is just what it means to "travel light," for when making long journeys over land, carrying the camping outfit and food on one's back, one must leave behind all of those little articles which are...
  18. P

    An axe mask (and an axe...)

    Hello, I made this axe (along many others) and decided it was time i tried myself with an axe mask. Leatherwork is not really my cup of tea, and so i made it as simple as i could, which worked out alright i think! I chose a stud button for the snap, also out of simplicity, i quite like...
  19. Dave Budd

    Bushcraft Tools Making workshop (axes knives, etc)

    Last group course of the season and I have a space to fill again. This time it's a week long course to make your own Bushcraft Cutting Tool kit! :Wow: This course combines my knife and axe making courses, with a little extra thrown in. As always the course is run in my Woodland Workshop in...
  20. Tipi

    Axe wall mounting

    im looking at mounting 2 axes on my wall as a (usable) room feature. thinking some form of wood hook to hang them on, but was wondering if anyone else has done this or has any smart ideas. Cheers Tipi