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    North Wood Bluebell Meet April 29~01 2016

    Entering your name would indicate you have read and accepted the above guidelines. please include this line in your paste. 1.Woodspirits 29~01 2.MartinK9 28-02 3.Nomad64 (+2) 29-01 4.Rumpole_Stiltskin 29-01 TBC 5.Greg & Alison 29 ~ 01 6. TinkyPete (TBC) 7. Spud_23 pending leave approval 8...
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    Pot Cozy Material

    The handles on my pots get far too hot, I have to give them a minute to cool enough even to go in the foam cosies, Give it a try mate, I was just as dubious. Be good to hear your opinion.
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    Pot Cozy Material

    I read about it on a US backpacking site ages ago mate and poo-pood it at the time. The author had some conviction though about the phyics involved and summised most of the heat was lost due to convection, evaporation and conduction rather than radiation, which when I thougth about it was...
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    Pot Cozy Material

    I've made loads of them..... and don't bother anymore. A dustbin liner or plastic bag works just as well but doesn't need making, takes up less space, is lighter and cheaper , I can notice no loss of temperature compared to the reflective cosies in use while hayboxing, especially when I put the...
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    Aviation fuel

    The priming wicks Omni-fuels/lite/nova will happily prime with paraffin or kero. ;) The wick only needs touching with a flame and it's lit. It takes 30 secs to get the flame surrounding the burner bottom'ly but works OK.
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    Rope - what do you use?

    Hi Mark, long time no speak. Stein arborist throwline has been very well tested and is highly rated by others and myself. it's Dyneema but it does take a prussic fine. Dead easy to splice, it's actually easier than any other line I've used as the weave is coarser than lots of braids. It works...
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    Up and over garage door adjustment

    Ajusting the springs does work, they go weak, one snapped last year. To make more secure, just drill some holes into the floor, through the door edge and drop some bolts in if you have another door to open it from the inside.
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    Hárrejávri, Kiruna, Sweden (pic heavy)

    Wow! What an amazing experience. To learn fishing frozen lakes from a Sami who knows what he's doing must have been fantastic. Thanks for posting. :)
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    Sawyer pre filter

    [/URL]DSCF1865 by turnerminator, on Flickr[/IMG] Inline paper petrol filter; backflushable, doesn't impede flow, 99p. I can go a week easy, treating reasonably clean water, before the inline needs a backflush as opposed to a few days without. 4 years using one like this. The paper medium...
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    Sleeping bag recommendation

    For 3 season use as a warm sleeper, you are unlikely to see any temps below -3c and will probably be fine in a lighter bag. I'm a warm sleeper and my +5c rated summer down bag gets used year round for temps down to -3c to -5c. A 'decent' backpacking sleeping bag is going to be tough to find at...
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    UK weather archive

    Month by month back to 1930's;
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    MYOG Lightweight Sled

    Great stuff Dave, :) I picked up the same bit of kit for the same bag. Hoping it might get used before spring ends. I like the grommets, nice touch. No point removing it from the Dep bag either with the straps facing up.
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    Outdoor kit: what did you make/plan to make yourself?

    Most of my used kit now is MYOG, apart from clothing and footwear. What isn't has mostly been modified.
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    What do you see yourself as

    Gifted jellyfish stacker.
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    Recommend some wellies please!

    I'm liking some Neoprene topped wellies I got from Aldi last year, didn't cost much and fit my wide feet a treat. Pretty good to walk in too with the flexy top.