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    Uniqlo Heat Tech????? HI all, been ages since i logged on lol everythings changed!!!! Anyway came by this product on the highstreet, apparantly it's a brill peice of heat retaining and GENERATING base layer tech..... anyone tried it yet? any reviews?
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    Heads Up £180 Craghopper Gtx Jacket i got one fo these, and they are superb
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    Meat on a Stick, Yum

    meat on a srick, got a nice ring to it lol, wonder if they serve that in resturants
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    lost in the wilderness

    u want to tell us where abouts u lost it??? might find alot of people searching the woods with u
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    Heads up

    thanks for that
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    Battle at Kruger (GOOD YOUTUBE VID)

    thank, very good
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    Bivi bivi bivi

    i knw alot of ppl are getting bivis made in eVent fabric, which is more breathable
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    my new Japanese carpenters axe

    looks like you got yourself quite a unique item there, give me a heads up in the unlikely event of you not wanting it anymore hehehe
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    Hoard of Iron Age gold coins found in East Anglia

    yeah we see aot of biase, one only have to look at the japanese stance on it's ww2 war crimes, however i suppose it just shows the importance history has in modern day life. That people or insitutions place so much effort in changing/ "correcting" historical events, just so they can say i'm...
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    Hoard of Iron Age gold coins found in East Anglia

    but for you to sell the gold, you'd proberlly have to melt it or find a dogdy gold/antiquities dealer who wou;d give you a crap price anyways
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    Biscuits with the Bakepacker

    lovely biccys
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    Hoard of Iron Age gold coins found in East Anglia

    history and artifacts have alot to offer us, other then just for our amusement. Wefind alot of modern day politics are centered on historical events or artifacts. i.e. Tibet, taiwan, northern ireland etc... are all highly dispute political hot pots, becasue of the history of who owns what and...
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    Heads up - Fjallraven at TK Maxx

    thnkas for the heads up
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    knife quality

    carbin steel, if you want to use it for firesticks
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    Hoard of Iron Age gold coins found in East Anglia

    i bet everyone's gone adn brought out their old metal detectors for their next trip! lol, might even become a standard kit