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    eBay bans sale of all knives....

    thanks for pointing that out to me.
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    eBay bans sale of all knives....

    just my opinion and i dont read the daily mail.
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    eBay bans sale of all knives....

    I have just bort a new bushcrafting knife from ebay (2 mins ago) for my son as he wanted something a little better than his morria. ebay has changed the way you buy a knife by adding a system where you have to vareify your age using your cradit card detailes. just thought i would let everyone...
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    eBay bans sale of all knives....

    on the bright side i have just received a knife made by gary mills, bort from evil bay. am very happy with it, it is not the knife that does the damage, it is the idiot behind it that is the problem. Having been involved in a knife attack/fight in the past i can understand why some want a...
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    I have a pair, great for around camp and going to shower on camp site or for standing in under my solar shower, at £0.99 cant beet the price either. wellies are the bain of my life as no one seems to make them big enough around the calf so the just make an airtight seal and fill with...
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    cherry wood bowl

    realy nice work there matey.
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    Little One.

    truly stunning mate, someone will be very very happy with that. Boon
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    Newbie Needs cheap start up kit

    at the moment around our area the company are having massive sales. they are doing 65ltr karemore (ajustable) rucksacks for £25 instead of £79 also there sleeping bags, and rolemats are very cheap. worth a look. if there isnt one of there shopps by you go on to there website and...
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    Which basic smock?

    yes i do mate, top idea.
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    Soldier 95 Leather Gloves

    i liked the old NI gloves still got a pair somewhere in the loft. which were modded by adding a lead strip in the nuckel pad. proved usefull once or twice. lol
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    ebay hexi stove heads up

    thanks for the link, have got loads in my shed for sons D of E and my scouts. Boon
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    Which basic smock?

    Like that idea clem, am off to austria end of next week so will have a go when i get back, the one i already have has taken to the dye very well, will put a pic up when i get back. am taking it with me so will try and get an arty shot in the snow. lol Boon
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    Anyone have experience with Helle knives?

    I have a helle knife i picked up in italy last feb and i must say that it has been very reliable tool, only prob is the sheath is a bit on the soft side. Boon
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    Are there any proper army surplus stores left in the UK ?

    there is one just on the outskirts of boston, will get the name next time i pass. they do mail order as well. this is the kind of place thats got everything in it you just have to look. even has ww2 aircraft gun turret and a 1960's coms truck outside. Boon