Your drink of choice.

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British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
Ah now there is question whisky with or with out water I use to be a with out person but now I am a with; Some of the cask condition ones need just a drop in.
If its cask strength it really needs a drop of water - its far too strong otherwise and just numbs your tongue and you lose out on all those lovely flavours. Almost all whisky is diluted in any case - the raw spirit border the undrinkable - particularly the white spirit!

A drop of water is fine even on 70 proof strength - brings out all the high and low notes!


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Oct 9, 2005
Gregorach's homebrew (especially the IPA) and Lagavulin. I always drink malt whisky about 50:50 with water.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 15, 2008
I have too many favorites! Single malt is nice on occasion, my favorite is Lagavulin as well. As for drinking in a pub, I go for cold Guinness most of the time unless it's really hot out, then it's cold lager. I'm not in pubs often as I can't afford it though. If I go shopping and want something nice for at home I usually get a bottle of porter, I love the stuff and wish there was more choice. If I'm sat round a fire I like a swig of Stones Ginger. And as mentioned in other posts a nice port goes down a treat at Christmas time. If I'm sat at home getting my swerve on I'll usually go to Netto's for a slab of Carling. Cheap in every sense but cheerful!

Can you tell I'm a lush?

Asa Samuel

May 6, 2009
St Austell.
If any of you like good lager try Wernesgrüner Pils Legende, it's probably the other lager I've tried that I really enjoy. They sell it in some supermarkets, I think Aldi still stocks it.


On a new journey
Jan 4, 2007
West Midlands
Anything from Wychwood for me as a beer choice and also anything from Marstons like Single Malt or Double Drop are nice

Spirits single malt from Edradour or Glen Ord for me.

blends one of my favs is Johhny Walker Black Label or Jamesons or Vat 69 when you can get it.

Wine Gotta be a nice full bodied Shiraz or the likes

Drop of Port always nice and good on bannocks,lol


Feb 6, 2009
Our 20th BUDSTOCK festival anniversary ale is a treat. Only 900 bottles produced, is going down well. 4.8%
Thatchers cider or green valley a good local scrumpy.:D
Lager.....Carlsberg Export.....1664........Stella......Orangeboum........Most 5% lagers served cold I'll drink, the rest's knat's wee!:cool:
Sloe gin/vodka, and rhubarb vodka is a lovely tipple. :p
Most whiskey/whisky. Irish or Scottish.:lmao:

Had some Romanian "moonwater" once.......Surgical spirit is all I can say it tasted like!:eek:


Nov 14, 2008
Water would be the top choice but other than that:

I'm loving the whiskey at the moment, especially Talisker and Laphroaig. The peaty stuff! Still needs a drip of water to get the flavour flowing though.

Real ales too - Jarrow, Mordue and Allendale Breweries are all good especially the Jarrow Bitter, IPA and then Duechars of course.

A good Rioja and Merlot usually accompanies the night.

But the best would have to be the home made sloe Gin or elderflower, honey and lemon toddy.

Ummmm may pop to the local.....


Full Member
Jul 16, 2006
I like a good bottle of Port, Elderberry & Port Liquer is also a favourite.
But I have to say I do like John Fenna's Sloe Gin alot!! But like Cap'n Badger I would rather swim in toxic waste than drink that Unicum of John's again!!:D


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Sep 15, 2005
Gregorach's homebrew (especially the IPA) and Lagavulin. I always drink malt whisky about 50:50 with water.

Why, thank you. :) The new 80/- recipe is shaping up rather nicely too. Unfortunately I missed the meadowsweet again this year, so that's going to have to wait. It's nearly time to start thinking seriously about a Rowan ale...

British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
Try Otima 10 year old Tawny Port (available from most supermarkets in a tall 50cl slim bottle). Very acceptable and not a bad price at all


You won't go far wrong with Grahams Tawny or either of the other suggestions either.

Tawny ports are a little less sweet and slightly "rounder" in taste to me....its all good though


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