Your drink of choice.

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New Member
Dec 12, 2005
I am a bit of a dope when it comes to drinking, my regular preference is vodka and redbull, in order of preference, stolly, absolute, black smirnoff, red smirnoff.
If I happen to be rich some time, redbull and yagermeister bombs are nice.
Cocktails, Choc pop (baileys and creme de menthe)

Cheapness in my local sushi bar, sake warm.

I started young on cider like most and progresses to beer then got into stuff like southern comfort, now its shorts all the way.

And yes I know the risks of mixing things like vodka and redbull but in moderation on an unemployed budget I have no problems with it.

I do want to try sailor jerrys and coke, I have heard great things about that recently.

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