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  • no probs badge i think im only coming for the workshop days any way now cant aford to take to much time off work that time of years
    hiya cap'n how are we and ave we recoverd from the moot and whats the web site that you told me about to get all the lyrics for camp fire songs from thanks drew
    ay up cap'n, can you tell me where you got those rather amusing songs on your phone???
    hiya captain now then just quick question i havent been able to source a viking costume but will be making a ncloak and hood at moot so might have one yet also are u doing the treasure hunt and will you be needing me cos as i said be for i will help as and when and just wounded if i should bring the mini chest of chocs for some real treasure hope your okay drew
    cool cant wait for neckie to be finished and glad to hear your back in work and also will do inregards the chute also were to sauce a viking outfit from mate any ideas
    hiya Cap'n how are we now then just a quick question first of hows the necki coming along and secondly would you like me to bring my parachute to the moot for the use of naughty corner. rock drew
    Yeah, i think id be worrying a lot more if i didnt live on the boat or had dependents or didnt have nice people around me. Still hopefully we can both make some money with the painting, tho itll be hard work. You need to charge more for your carving too, they really are good! And each one unique guv, etc etc :)
    Its amazing int it? Dunno about you, but i dont know how i ever had the time to have proper job?!
    Sorry i havent written yet re painting. Havent quite made it yrt, but Library on fri morn :)
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