Upgrade Observations:

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Oct 13, 2010
Farnborough, Hants
Hello Lithril,
Very impressed with the upgrade, the whole site seems a good bit snappier now (not sure if that's h/ware or s/ware ?) so take a well deserved pat on the back please.
One thing I miss from the old site is the little blue dots that flagged up updated posts since my last visit, unfortunately - my eyes not being what they were - I struggle to differentiate between the bold thread titles (been updated) and the non bold ones (not been updated).
Principle use is on an iMac running Catalina and Safari browser 13.0.5
Just thought I'd mention it in case you have some spare time on your hands :lmao:
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The Catalans have a saying "let nothing new arise!" So I was apprehensive about the change .

At first I found the transposition of poster and time of posting irritating as my fat fingers meant I kept getting the poster's details instead of their post. But there was a plus side : I now know a lot more about many members. Great!

Now I'm happy with it. Well done!
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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
I can't now remember what the old format was like! That's either because this one has been really easy to get used to or it's due to old age :(
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Apr 15, 2005
Only issue for me is that the window I'm writing in isnt that visible as I'm writing, I have to kind of type blind then have a look before I post.

On the upside I'm not getting pestered to use Tapatalk all the time.