Twodogs wool bush shirt ,,Season 2 ........

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I'm interested in a Bush shirt. I asked for a camp blanket for Christmas to make a poncho for round the fire, I got one then found you on here, if I sent you the blanket could it be used in any way to go towards a shirt so its not wasted??
Cheers Warren


Feb 2, 2007
North Tyneside
Wore mine today for the first time, absolutely fantastic, kept not only the cold but the wind at bay too, once again many thanks, look forward to getting so much more use out of it than dog walking of a morning :D


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Nov 16, 2008
West Midland
Here we have three "Twodogs" lite Bush shirts ready to be made up to your size and delivered to your door :)

Number one ,British Army blanket in Orange :D

Price £70 to your door in the UK

Next two are British Army moss green :D

Number Two ,

Price £70 to your door in the UK

Number three

Price £70 to your door in the UK

Anyone interested let me know :)


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Dec 9, 2009
Just finished these two thick Hungarian wool

Price £80 made to your size and posted to your door

Order now before the cold bites
What size are they? Would they fit a 42 chest?

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Mar 29, 2012
I have just received mine in the post, and it is probably the best bushcraft garment I have ever owned!!! The quality is exceptional and the fit perfect. This is going to last me years. You all want to grab one while they are there to be got. I have one of the two in the previous post and the thickness of the wool is fantastic, I cant wait to get out in the snow and get a pic for the rogues gallery of bushshirt owners.