Textured Vegetable Protein (T.V.P.) A.K.A. Soya Mince

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Alan 13~7

Oct 2, 2014
Prestwick, Scotland
Im up for a Vegan and Veggie thread. I will input but am always going to be a dedicated meat eater if only because too many creatures would die and we would lose too much bio diversity if everyone went vegan.

Who wants to start the Vegan/Vegetarian Food receipe thread?

A dedicated thread would be great, I have some oldfashioned tasty receipes I do not mind sharing!
I am a dedicated Omnivore. If the Gods intended Man to eat it, I am game!

I agree Janne, and look forward to seeing your old recipes too......

I think the veggie and or vegan recipe thread is a great idea ...
There was on here a while back but it got lost ?

Yea me too... Starting a dedicated veggie and or vegan recipe thread is a great idea, But I think that it's only fitting that it should be started by a dedicatad Herbivore so as I am an Omnivore, Leshy, Janne,

I'm out! & I propose FOREST GIRL?[

I second that!

Nomination accepted, the official vegan/vegetarian camp recipe thread:

I'll try and get hold of and try some lovage now too...

YAY you go girl !

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