Finally got to use my shiny new reflector oven and folding fire bowl

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Jul 9, 2004
Rossendale, Lancashire
A vegetable steamer "flower" stood on a piece of extra strong aluminium foil folded three or 4 times does pretty much the same job.

You can get all sorts of sizes of the steamers such as this

Some pound shops have them

With different lengths of leg. The foil protects the ground from any small embers that drop through the holes , can be used to carry away any cooled coals and is reusable. Also it weighs nowt. I carry a suitable sized piece with all my twig stoves now. Folding and crimping the edges seems to work well keeping it

Next time I see one cheap i'll pick up a steamer without legs, or ones I can remove easily to have one that doesn't take as much space in my satchel and just take 3 cheap J shaped tent pegs to stabilise it.

It's raining so ill kill some time making some smaller foil mats to go with the Fireant. Better than housework!



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