TBS bottle cook kit or alternatives

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Jul 6, 2016
The bushcraftstore have started making more of their own kit recently and ive been keeping my eye on its progression. (Their version of the canteen cookset caught my eye at first)

I've got my eye on a bottle cook kit which comes with a nesting bottle and cup set with a bail handle and lid for the cup.
A woodgas stove.
A fire steel, spork and a canvas bag for it all to nest in.
About £80

I'm considering treating my self as i love wood burning stoves and my canteen cup and natural fuel stove are probably my most used items out of all of my kit.

But i'm just wondering if anyone has experience with it and could write a review for me or if anyone could suggest similar alternatives?
The asking price is not bad value for what you get but its still not exactly cheap. Although nowhere near as ridiculous as the heavy cover canteen prices.

Any feedback would be great folks thank you.

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Aug 13, 2007
I doubt they are making it themselves for that price, more likely is they are buying the bits from China and making a package up to sell on

It is 'cheap' for what you get compared from the USA made stuff but its also lower grade steel and made by people on a pittance


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May 17, 2011
Certain times I simply use a 58 pattern bottle, crusader mug
A Hexi stove. Or 3 6inch nails as my stove. Nice and simple


Oct 14, 2017
Lomondside to Glasgow
Look on eBay for the Lixada pot with bail handle or just the same with handle, half the price of the bushcraft store, and any steel bottle will fit inside from the same site, also on there is the pot stand which you can use with twigs and if you dremmel out the middle use a meths burner, the wood stove also is on there if you look hard enough.


Aug 29, 2019
The TBS cup, the round section pathfinder copy is well worth getting, the measurements are pressed into the steel, so they won’t wear off, unlike many others. The lid doesn’t need slots in it to allow for the hanging handle. The cup handles are well designed and the whole thing is well made and strong. Personally, I think it is far better than Lixada and others, even though it may cost a bit more. The only thing I don’t like is the cooker stand, using hex tablets under it, the heat doesn’t seem to get to the cup because the holes are small and the cup sits proud of the cooker slightly. Mine warped badly after first use. I could see it working on a fire, apart from the warping issue.
anyway, I did due diligence before getting the set, and overall, I think it’s great, I have the canteen, cup, lid, cook stand and a pouch set with strap and external pocket, basically a pathfinder rip off, off eBay.

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