Surplus Boots Austrian, Norwegian M77, Swede M90, Swede M59 WW11 1940's black swedish "Lager" boot

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Feb 18, 2021
Cawston Okanagan
Hello there. First I picked up a pair of Austrian heavy boots. I then grabbed a new pair of M77 Norwegian which I wear most days working. I have had a couple missed steps looking for Surplus Boots. I procured a pair of Swedish M90 boots. Boots were awesome and comfortable and light weight. After one short usage I found the heel ruptured and the PU

midsole was crumbled. Apparently the boots were made in the 1990's and the manufacturers warrant them for a period of one year from date of manufacture. So I cut the midsole out and sent them to a cobbler to rebuild with a Vibram cup sole unit. I have since found a few pair of Old School combat ankle boots. M59 Tretorn made boots and also a high cut pair from the Civil Defense. Also found some really old ones "lager" boots or best I can figure "Parade" type black fancy box calf welted leather sole. I will update when the Swede M90 boots have been rebuilt. Thank you.
d boots. Anyone know of these types. They are in new condition. Thank you
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