Singer 201K - needs a little work: FREE!


Dec 16, 2007
Hi all;

Been away for some time (NOT on a diet of porridge...) but back home now.

I have a Singer 201K that needs some work to fix the thread tensioner (also the foot switch can be a tad temperamental from time to time). I now have another Singer 201K which works a treat and, although I had the intention of fixing this myself, I'd rather spend the time making stuff. Consequently, I'm happy to give it away to a good home. It is massively heavy so it will have to be picked up (or we could meet if not too far away.) I'm in Gloucester. PM if interested.


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Jan 5, 2013
SE Wales
I would be very happy to give this machine a good home, and I'm not too far from you, either.

I'll PM you a little later today and see if we can arrange something, eh?

And thankyou for such a thoughtful offer, good to see such a thing :)


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Jul 6, 2011
East Sussex, UK
Fantastic offer - great machines. The foot pedals have a capacitor inside them that sometimes goes - don't buy one specifically for sewing machines as they're more expensive - I bought a new one for one of my sewing machines (Pinnock Sewqueen :)) for a fraction of the price. I have my 201K rigged up on a table with an industrial motor - it sews through almost anything, although the lack of a walking foot makes sewing straight on the thicker stuff a bit difficult

There are good tutorials on YouTube on how to fix the thread tensioner too.