Shed Knife (pic heavy)

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Jan 25, 2014
Cabin Fever Central
Mooching through the kitchen department of a local store spotted a cheese knife...
Good blade shape, stainless steel and after picking it up to feel the weight realised the handle had to be partially hollow. Several hours later back at the shed after some sweat & swearing with a hacksaw, file and eventually a big hammer the tang fitted snugly into a 10mm hole. Handle contoured for grip and control, looks odd but makes feather sticking effortless. It wont last forever of course, at some point the handle will split but the epoxy filler should hold it for while. I bought two so this first ones a bit of a prototype with luck the next one will be nicer.
DSC_0008.JPG IMAG3470.jpg IMAG3473.jpg IMAG3481.jpg IMAG3478.jpg