Regular South Wales meets?

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Oct 20, 2007
It was a great time but way too short
Lovely spot so thanks to you all for the heads up on that I will be back to do some exploring
I think Rich will put up some photos of our super shelter which we slept in and no doubt his new bird !!
We actually set up our tent and tarp/hammock but like the real cowboys we are didn't sleep in them
What the photos wont show is that once the snow stopped it started to get really quite windy and sleety Rich slept like a baby after his special nightcap while I battened down the hatches
I took a walk up the hill sat afternoon but headed back when ;for the first time in my life I thought "snow goggles would be a useful bit of kit"
Brokeback Brecon lol
Rich and I are planning a canoe kayak thing on the Avon in the spring and I might be able to get us use of a riverside field for a base camp
I have some photos too which I may post when I get them sorted out but as Rich is a photographer I suspect his will be better


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Jan 19, 2012
Chepstow, Wales
Well it didn't go according to plan in many ways but I agree with all the comments so far. I did manage to twist my already damaged knee so ended up in a fair amount of pain for the rest of the trip (the Disarano was entirely medicinal you see). I have a few photos I'll share shortly but it was so cold, the lens cover on my campact froze closed and every time I switched on my video camera I was greated with "Mositure detected...shutting down". I ended up with half a dozen images and no more. I didn't take my SLR's as the idea was to get away from my usual life so NO Steve, my photos won't be any better than anyone elses I'm happy to report. Time was short and I would have loved to stay another night but we did have a good laugh for the short time we were all there. I think we would have all got on well especially considering the amount of beer we had with us! We all made a few promises of getting together again soon and It would be good to see that happen. As Steve said, we're planning some canoeing trips and I'll be cycling past his front door soon on my way to cycling the Ridgeway in Wiltshire soon. Let's get another Spring meet planned soon. Richie (The poor formatting here is a result of the some technical issues I'm having with this forum)


Dec 20, 2011
All in all a really good weekend, nice to meet James,Rich,Steve, and looking forward to the next one
Ps any tips with getting smoke out of clothes/gear, I've washed them twice but still smell of smoke, most of it I'm not bothered about but my jacket I wear all the time!


Mar 1, 2011
LOL Shane, mine are only going in now. They have been sitting by the front door since I got back. My face is full of dry skin because of the fire.