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  • yea, defo, if any thing comes up earlier I would prob be up for it as well, I havent done that much bushcrafty really, and I just found out that there is now a spare place on the advanced arctic trip with BCUK as someone dropped out and I was on the reserve trip. I havent got much in the way of really cold weather gear, or arctic gear/clothing/kit etc, so I got about 2 months to get my **** together and get a decent set up/kit etc. and get practising. It sounds like alot of time but you know what its like time seems to go quick and with work/other stuff etc its hard work getting out and about.
    Llansamlet I am, I used to live by Mcdonalds in Baglan. Are you up for the Brecon meet in Febuary?

    Cheers Shane mate.
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