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  • Sorry bud, just got in from work and have vistors arriving in an hour. I'll dig out the dates tonight and pm you.
    Sure did bud. I did manage to slip down a bank whilst collecting firewood and twisted my (already knackered) knee! When I get home and took off my knee brace my knee had swollen to about three times it's normal size. But the good news is, I get to stay home today and swollow Tramadol tablets all day. :)
    Hi there mate I've been a member of this site a little while and gav never gone to any meets or moots ect. I go camping all year round eather in my camper or with my trusty tipi or bivvy

    I noticed you were organising a meet not to far from me. What does this entail ? Can anyone come. Does it cost anything and what do you do?
    Be good to hear from you
    thanks nick

    I can make one for you. That one was around 1.5m wide and just over 2m long. I can't get hold of that material, but can get and have green silnylon.

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