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  • Hiya,

    Got the Tarp and Bag today. Thanks a lot. Ace products and good packaging with a quick delivery.


    Hiya Rich let me know if you still want to swap the Bison for the Ritter Grip. Cos there's lot's of interest in it,But I would love to own a Bison Bushcraft knife.
    Hi Dougster

    Where abouts in Wilts are you? I look after a small wood near Urchfont (Devizes direction), we do a few bushcrafty bits there with a mental health group, suppose its more primitive skills and green woodwork but a great escape from the office!

    Leo (AKA Stanleythecat)
    I am still making - 3.5mm thick leather belts. Inch and a quarter or inch and a half with solid brass buckle. They are £25 delieverd. Not had one pop yet with all the gear on them.
    hi i put a post up yesterday about belts and beachlover said that he has had some leather goods from him. im interested in a belt if you are still making. thanks jamin
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