Looking for a rucksack, around 35L.

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Sep 9, 2003
Yvelines, north-west of Paris, France.
Back in , I bought a second-hand, but like new, Maxpedition Vulture II. It's served me well as a day sack, mostly for hauling groceries as I come home from work. But it is coming apart where the hip belt and bottom of the shoulder strap attach to the body, at the right hand side.

I suppose that I could try to repair it, but it is in such an awkward place that it would take me a very long time, I'm not sure I'd do a great job of it, and given the weight I carry in it (typically 10kg but often 20kg) and distance (2.2km), I don't think my repair would hold up.

I think that a part of the problem might be that the hip belt is stitched directly to the body, rather than being a separate piece that is attached through buckles or rings.

I have a big Belgian rucksack, but I don't want to be carrying that everyday just on the off-chance that I call in at the butcher's, grocer's, the wine merchant's and offie on the way home...

So I'm looking for something in the 32L to 38L range, separate hip belt, capable of carrying 20kg to 30kg...

Does such a beast exist?


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Oct 13, 2004
I've one of these. https://www.heinnie.com/5-11-havoc-30-backpack Only 30l but overbuilt so should take the weight. The belt is removable. To be honest it has too many extra pockets for me but it was a competition prize so I can't complain. I just use it for carrying my supermarket shopping home and it's been doing well for a couple of years.
Jul 24, 2017
For the weight you want to carry I would go for an A.L.I.C.E pack I have carried a 250cc bottom end of a bike in one, held together just fine and went on for another 10 years there not perfect but are pretty grunt proof and tough.


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Feb 10, 2019
Probably won't fit your criteria, but my favourite for years, easy and no nonsense is a Frost River Summit Pack, 32 litres, basic simple and quality.


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Mar 27, 2004
Not my comfiest rucksack, but I use a Berghaus Centurio for shopping duties. Eaaily swallows a heaped basket from the supermarket and doesnt bat an eyelid to the weight. Still looking almost prisrtine after over 10 years of use.