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Asa Samuel

May 6, 2009
St Austell.
First off a little disclaimer: I am not trying to stir up trouble and I don't want this to turn into a knife law rant thread. This is a simple observation and question and I would like to keep it that way :)

I got given a swiss card for xmas last year and just recently had a little thought.


Technically, isn't that a fixed-blade knife and therefore would require a reason to carry it? Only reason I ask is I am sure there are a lot of people who carry these day to day and I never heard of anyone being arrested for it! Obviously I doubt anyone would get nicked for it but I am just curius.

Retired Member southey

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jun 4, 2006
your house!
As far as i know,unless you had a good reason to carry it, yes it's not advisable and could land you in sh-tuck. but then sensible behaviour goes along way to not being under suspicion in the first place.


Ophiological Genius
Sep 3, 2004
They use the Swisscard knife as examples of fixed blade carry for probationers undergoing training in the West Mids police.

British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
Remember the brigadier??

A RETIRED brigadier has spoken of his shock at being arrested and having DNA samples taken for carrying a tiny utility tool in his luggage.

Tom Foulkes, of Fitzroy Road, Fleet, was on his way to a business trip in France when he found himself on the wrong side of the law.

Mr Foulkes, 56, was with his wife Sally when he was stopped by security while getting ready to board a Eurostar train at Waterloo.

The former Royal Engineer was putting his bag through an x-ray machine when eagle-eyed security staff spotted a tiny knife combined with tools inside it.

Mr Foulkes said: “When I put the luggage through the scanner they spotted it and asked me to open the bag.

“This thing is the size of a credit card and has a tiny little knife on it with a magnifying glass, tweezers and compass.

“It is the type of handy little thing you take abroad with you and I have taken it all over the world and never been stopped before. They said that I was carrying a prohibited item and said that carrying an item like this in a suitcase was committing an offence of carrying a concealed weapon.”

Mr Foulkes said he was taken aback when an officer was called from the British Transport Police and he was arrested. He then found himself being marched to a waiting police van and taken to a police station.

“Although I realise I needed to be polite I told the officer that it was going a bit too far,” said Mr Foulkes.

He said that while at the station he was quizzed for four hours and had his fingerprints and DNA taken.
A British Transport Police spokesman said: “The law on offensive weapons is a matter of judgement but looking at this it fits the description of a concealed weapon and that was why he was arrested.”
Svord Peasant - Folder indeed!

are yo usure most from factory are 80mm cutting edge lenght and need a trim you need to roll teh cuttign edge along the ruler NOT just measure from handle to point i na straight line

appologies if you have modded and know this hopfully it will be helpfull ot others who read it and think a svord is legal out ofthe box



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