Homeless or just bivvying?

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Jan 31, 2005
Right, I'm looking through this thread and there's a couple of members going too far. No open warfare on the threads. If you feel you must take it to PM's do so. Do not start getting personal with other folk. Wind your necks in.


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Compassion for your fellow man is never a weakness. To get the thread back on track, people end up homeless for a huge variety of reasons. They are all human, some more faulted but none deserves to die of cold or get exploited.

Things are improving for service personnel but there still no real screening for the longer term issues in veterans. Please ignore the negative comments on this thread.


Aug 21, 2014
Crikey guys what happened to this thread while I was away.....

At the end of.the day people end up on the.street for a majority of reasons.
As a volunteer counsellor I've come across ppl from all walks of life (i volunteer for several charities) the stories I've.heard over the.last 15 yrs have been some of.the most horrific anyone.could.imagine ( child soldiers victims.of trafficking survivors of HDOs. And to be blunt I am not.surprised that.a lot.wind up on hard drugs, drink simply.cos.it.is.a means.of.escape even of it is.only.temporary

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