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  • Colins really great, good looking, charming, courteous, well mannered, witty, easy going a good conversationalist, clever, educated, enlightened, knowledgable. A really super chap.


    hes also just told me he's community spirited
    Hi there, Colin, have been trying to contact you for ages, both on here and by calling at Tiso "s in Perth and Stirling but with no success, you are really elusive
    I know you have been on here regularly, but have never caught your eye. Even
    P M s did not seem to get through. Hope that you are keeping well enough.
    Do P M me so that we can meet up in the New Year for a chat and. Coffee.
    Cheers Stuart. Tea is on the table and getting cold. Bye for now .
    More se boetman..Thanks a bunch for your greeting my friend I hope to chat sumore ...I got mouthwatering recipes n lots o juicy stories boet..( vasbyt )hang in there ok...Collin
    Hi Again,, Not having any success in contacting you either here or through either the shop in Stirling , or Perth. Hope you are O.K. ? I know you have been off work for ages and not well at all. very sory to hear this. Hope that you are getting better. .My tel. No is 01786 824389 Would love to hear from you if you are able.
    Long time no heard from you. Are you keeping any better? You have had a pretty rough time to all accounts. I understand that the shop at Auchterarder has been closed down. Hope you got a transfer before then. Often think about you and wonder how you are. Dont think you have been on here for ages. Take care! Will catch up with you sometime. Stuart.
    Just wondering how you are keeping. Was told by the wee lass in Stirling that you had been very unwell, that was some considerable time ago. I think she said that you were in hospital as she spoke. Hope you have turned the corner and are on the mend now, I have not been on here for ages. Hope you had a good Christmas and that 2012 is better for you. May and myself are keeping fine, and looking forward to the springtime, best regards. Stuart.
    Hi there Colin, There is a Medieval gathering at Lanark Race course tomorrow Sat. we were at it last year and it was great with lots of ancient crafts, archery , metal casting, arrowheads etc and lots of ancient trinkets p-lus Jousting and battle re enactments, IT is on on Sunday too,
    but a few of us will be there as spectators on Saturday, Tody, wOOdsmoke, Myself plus the Mrs, may see you there if you are not already
    tied up. hope that you are well, see you sometime if not tomorrow. Stuart
    Hi Colin, Just received an e-mail from bcuk that there is a request from you for me to accept you as a friend. I already have you listed as a friend. Maybe this is an old e-mail or something. I am not sure of the advantages of the friends list unless it is just to save time in making contact more easily, instead of going through the community/members list etc. If you dfo not have me down as a friend please put me down as one.(I won't hold ikt against you L.O.L ) Have a good Christmas ,if I do not see you before then.
    Still got some visits to stirling to make this coming week so may see you then.Stuart.
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