Finland 2020.

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Dec 7, 2003
West Sussex
Hi all.

As most of you are aware self promotion isn’t really my strong point.


I do however run two fantastic Canoe and Bushcraft trips each year to Finland. I was asked by several people about them atbthe Bushmoot.


So a little bit of info.

The maximum number of clients per trip is capped at 8.

The cost for 2020 is going to be unchanged despite the fall in the Euro increasing our costs. I want these trips to be accessible. £625pp. Flights extra.

We took you Sam aged 6 on the last trip In May but I think it was a hard week for his father. So I would suggest these trips aren’t suitable for younger children.



We could arrange a different trip for families on demand.

Ok what do you get for your money.

The forestknights team will transport you from Helsinki Airport to the destination and provide the first nights accommodation in a cabin.


We stop in a motorway services for our evening meal. Not provided.

On arrival at the lake all food and refreshments are provided.

Our outfitter will provide the canoes, paddles barrels etc for our weeks camping and paddling adventure.

Forestknights pride ourselves on the quality of our catering. You will not go hungry. Pretty much all special dietary requirements can be catered for unless you only eat caviar and steak.

How much paddling do we do per day?

That depends on the group. Our job is to ensure you have a fantastic time and see as much of the area as you wish. Each evening we will discuss options and make the final decisions in the morning for lunch and camping locations. Generally we are on the water for no more than 2 hours at a time. Stronger paddlers can explore further if they wish.


Depending on conditions etc when will spend time fishing carving and enjoying wildlife watching. This is a Holliday not canoe boot camp.


Dates for 2020.

June 7th - 14th.

September 13th - 20th.

Woody girl

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Mar 31, 2018
I notice nobody has replied to the question above. I'm wondering the same and thinking I might be interested. Basic kit list would be useful to help me decide.


BCUK Welfare Officer
Dec 7, 2003
West Sussex
Sorry for the slow response I was in the woods.

Kit wise all you really need is your basic bushcraft kit for a weeks outdoor adventuring. All the cooking gear is provided as the trip is fully catered.

Hammocks are great as space for tents on some islands can be limited.

This is the list I send to folk.

Small tent Or hammock
Sleeping mat
Sleeping bag
Spare batteries
Compass Silva Type 3 or equivalent.
Kneeling pad
Clothing for 8 days in the outdoors.
Waterproof Jacket
Waterproof Trousers
Canoeing shoes.
Warm hat
Swim wear
Dry bags
10m paracord.
Knife, fork and Spoon
Personal water purifier.
Water bottle
External battery pack for mobile phone
Personal first aid kit
Personal toilet kit.
Any medications keep in a dry bag.
Bushcraft knife if you want to carve
Small folding fishing rod.
Pocket binoculars.

alcohol is generally expensive in Finland so I suggest if you wish a glass of wine with your evening meal purchase what you require in Blighty or at the duty free. Spirits can only be purchased from the Alkomart in Puumla. You can buy lager or cider at the supermarket.

Generally it’s a good plan to put everything in dry bags.

I have a 65l dry bag for my personal kit. Inside goes all my kit into separate dry bags.

There are composting toilets on all the islands we will be staying on and sauna on one of the islands.

plus a sauna the first night at the Cabin.

Generally folk adapt this basic list for the own needs.


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Aug 28, 2019
Thanks for the reply as I'm a novice. I will be in touch as this is something I'm really interested in experiencing.


Aug 5, 2008
Hertford, Hertfordshire
Hi Wayne, I know it is a bit late to be asking questions but . . .
How much paddling experience do you expect people to have in order to join your expedition.
Will you run the trip with fewer than eight people.
Thanks, Steve :)

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