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  1. Wayne

    Finland 2020.

    Hi all. As most of you are aware self promotion isn’t really my strong point. I do however run two fantastic Canoe and Bushcraft trips each year to Finland. I was asked by several people about them atbthe Bushmoot. So a little bit of info. The maximum number of clients per trip is...
  2. Dean

    Trip Report Finand Canoeing Expedition with Forest Knights

    Photos taken from my trip with Forest Knights to the beautiful area of Finland called Saimaa Lake near the Russian Boarder. The peacefulness and tranquility of the area was music to my ears which allowed me to switch off from modern life though there is full signal everywhere for anyone wanting...
  3. P

    Bushcraft is Scotland & Norway

    Hi, Just thought I drop a quick note to anyone thinking of doing any bushcraft in Scotland. A bit strange as I live near Cambridge!, but I'm prepared to travel to get to the best places and instructors. I've been on three courses with Patrick McGlinchey from the 'Backwoods Survival School' and...
  4. Woody

    Bushcraft Expeditions Newsletter

    Hi Guys, I just thought you may like to peruse our November newsletter and see what we have been up to Please click here to view. Looking forward to the Bushcraft Skills and wildfoods courses in 2011. Woody. PPs. Clicking this link will not sign you up to the newsletter. But if you...