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  • My tarp in the blog was a 3x3m DD tarp, Setup in a diamond shape to get maximum length over the hammock webbing! (as I stated above, this didn't stop the water running down the tree and soaking along!) .. Although a square set up would easily cover it with a 3x3.. 2.5x2.5.. not sure on the square (working at mo so can't measure) should be fine on the diamond though.. But if it's windy and a bit chilly, you might not get the protection from the elements blowing through! I do love a diamond setup, great for the day as you only need one tie off point to lift it and have a porch area to chillout under, but when the elements are against you, a low down square is probably best! If you do modify the webbing with carabiners, make sure there good climbing ones and not cheap! They will have to take your wieght! I paid £8 each for mine! Although you should be able to get slightly cheaper ones that are strong! I got strong and light weight!

    Hope to see you at the meet.. Pop over for a coffee!
    Hi thoth, cheers for the reply to my Blog (got a lot more to put on but been too busy doing Bush DIY!) Modifying the webbing with Carabiners, as in wet weather, the ones DD supply soak like a sponge from tree water and onto the hammock! Carabiners create a water block/drip!.. Plus I'm making a homemade underquilt (was cold in Jan!) ..

    Then I realised I needed somewhere at home to test it.. Got no trees in the garden so I'm now making an 'A'frame the I can set up instead!.. It's Blooming endless!!.. Even when you do modify things, you end up finding better ways to do it than the one yourve just finished! Same goes for the Fire Crane! That's on the back burner too.. Improving it, making it lighter etc etc etc!! ..
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