Drews funeral

Went to an appointment earlier, I got there in time to park the car, at 12.30 I turned off the engine and the radio, and spent a minute thinking about Drew, life and death.
A few minutes later I went to the appointment, came out to find a parking ticket. Cheers Drew, nice touch :)

RIP Drew


May 24, 2011
It was emotional guys

Drews brother and best mate made some heartfelt speeches

the church was over filled people were standing in the foyer packed in like sardines

he truly did touch the lives of many people
Indeed they were fine words. But to see the grief in his brothers voice was, I think, very emotional for everybody.
A very touching memorial, full of thoughts, tears, hugs, memory's and indeed some laughter and smiles as we gathered to remember him.



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Jan 4, 2011
Wirral, Merseyside
Managed to find a miniature jack daniels out here in Oz, which I know Drew was partial too and drank with him every time we met. This one was for him.


Red Fox

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Dec 31, 2012
like firecrest said that was a very fiting send off for drew, it was a bit like the film big fish you know at the end when it turns out that there was a lot of truth in the big stories:) ... , It was nice to meet drews family, they were so proud that so many people turned up, even people from austrila and france and other far away places went, and i am not supprised drew definatly had an inpact on the world even lofty wisman knew him. I agree drews family are amazing and strong time dunn as drew use to say, It was said at the funeral that drew was sent to teach us all to love each other and to be happy he achieved that, and the world even thuw he has gone is a much nicer place ,because of drew we have all come together and he has helped this forum show its true colours and i am proud to be a part of it.


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Jan 2, 2004
Manchester UK
I've had a message from Jean & Phil for those who came to the funeral and for the community in general that they'd like us to read

Could you pass this message below to all his Bushcraft friends.

We all appreciated the friendship that you had for Drew and the many miles you had to travel to get here. Friends and family were honoured to meet you all and you will never be forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the love and sincere friendship that you gave to Drew. He loved you all.

We all hope to see you in August where we will share some time with you around the camp fire, a time Andrew loved so much. We will walk the woods and experience the joy Andrew felt at just being in the woods with his friends.

Jean & Phil Dunn