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  • Hi lyns I have spoken to Riam he said he can get you no probs, can you PM me your mobile number and i'll get Riam to ring you to arrange it

    he's going northwood . my friend has expressed an interest in coming so if I can't get a lift Friday, hopefully I can get down with him Saturday
    Right texted Riam i'll let you know when he gets back to me, have you tried posting in the thread that you need a lift?

    Hopefully i'll be driving soon so wont have this problem!! is Priam not going down?
    Hi Lyns

    I am actually getting a lift with my brother in law, unfortunately his van only has 2 seats. i'll ask Riam for you if you like though?
    Hello :) theres a thread on Art & Nature and someone mentioned your work- I've looked at the link which is nf to your website but there was mention of your work on deviantart? I wondered what your user name is as I'd love a looksee at your work, please!
    Hi There, Just received your package of velcro, with which I am very pleased. in veiw of the fact that I see the postage was just under £2.00
    and I seem to remember that you mentioned a Charity that we could donate to. This still leaves you a fair bit out of pocket given the number of members getting in touch wanting some, Can I refund the postage to you without causing offence. It was generous enough passing on the Velcro to us without being out of pocket too. I hope that you do not discover that5 you have found a use for it after you have given it away.
    Wishing you agood bushcrafting year. May see you sometime at one of the meets, though I am too far north to consider some of the meets down South, I tend to stick to some of the smaller get - to gethers , North of the Border. Thanks again, cheers for now Stuart.
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