Day out in the woods (pic heavy)

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Nov 3, 2013
North East, U.K
Yesterday i managed to get out after work whilst the sun was still high in the sky, i have been really into bushcraft from a young age however it has took a bit of a back seat during my teenage years (I'm now 18) As i live in a housing estate there isn't really many places to practice this art however i found myself a tucked away piece of land and, with the landowners permission i can crack on with whatever i like really.


My view


Firewood all prepped and collected


Fire build big and high so as to give me a good bed of embers.


A few pine knots which where taken from a dead standing tree, these make an excellent source of light and they burn hot and bright. Sort of natures version of a candle!


I suppose its a hard life :lmao:


Time for a brew, trusty crusader mug has never let me down in its 6 year career.

Time for a bit of camp fire baking


A camp fire staple, bannock with some dark chocolate chips :p

Small however this was a lone trip so it was more than sufficient.


Nature provided me with a great substitute to a scouring pad... Pine needles


Reaping the benefit of my efforts :D:D


A quick panoramic view of my site, as you can see the estate over the left. (Middlesbrough has a lack of Barron wilderness areas :lmao: )


A sign of the local wildlife population


"A campsite should be left as though no one had ever stepped foot there"


On my way out i noticed some wild bramble bushes, really wish i had realised and foraged some to include in the bannock.


Hope you like the photos! I plan on getting out a lot more and hopefully documenting a few more trips

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Nov 19, 2013
Luton, Bedfordshire
Many thanks for sharing, it just shows that you can have a great time even if you have a very limited amount of land available. Kudos to you for getting out there and making do with what you have available to you.



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Jan 31, 2005
Looks like you had a great time, practiced some skills (bannock looks very tasty) and left the sight nice and clean. Great report and pics, hope to see more soon.