Christmas gifts.

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Feb 23, 2014
I received a mini skillet and griddle set which I tested out yesterday. I also received a few foraging books and other bits I haven’t tested out yet, but can’t wait to

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Woody girl

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Mar 31, 2018
Many nice things , but this tweed woollen anorak with a cosy fleece lining has to be my favourite thing this year.20191228_194706.jpg
Realy cosy inside this. It's a wee bit big but it doesn't matter. Better than being too small! Plenty of room for extra jumpers but not realy needed as it's so warm. Bcuk badge already installed on the pocket.
i'm a grinch and usually run off into the bush or mountains over the holidays.... .this year that wasn't possible but i got a new t-shirt from my friends and had a stranger giving me an empanada and a fruit juice two days ago when i took a certain incredible dog to the beach... (not the same "" caliber" " like most folks but it made my day)

although i haven't watched it for a while for lack of a player i still have the flintknapping DVD i got 2011 in NZ -- it has travelled in my pack to Oz, korea, Japan and now central america...
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Apr 15, 2005
Closest would be a couple of Hultafors HDC chisels in 25mm and 20mm.

I've had the 40mm one for a couple of years now and they don't mind a bat from a proper hammer instead of needing a mallet (how many site carpenters even own a mallet? None I know) and they have a sheath to put them in.
The sheath alone makes the edge last longer as its simple to put back after every use.

Bench joiners likely don't care about the sheath as they have cupboards and whatever to store gear in but its handy for me.

I'm in no way shape or form short of chisels and have a fair load of old English makes but the one I've had a while has been so good I wanted a couple more.
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