Anyone tried these Pods or this campsite ?

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Jan 2, 2004
Manchester UK
Yep... They're bloody freezing !! Last time I was at Grizedale I broke out the hammock & underblanket. However the owner was talking about getting small woodburners in em. I don't know if he managed it but by morning it was 2 degrees colder in the pods (-6c) than it was outside (-4c)



Sep 27, 2010
Not tried the pods but stayed at the site in our bell tent, i can highly recommend it! Basic but everything you need and the guy was was really nice and helpful! I had a look in the pods and the yurts while i was there, I dont think the pods had burners in but the yurts did!
hope this helps!


Jun 22, 2009
i stayed in a pod in gillhead farm near keswick they are very good (had a lamp and radiator in it) at the time they were £25 a night which i though was reasonable everywhere you look now they are like £35-50 quid they are nice for extending camping with the wife and kids but we are bordering on travel lodge costs with the way the prices are going....legit camping is getting very expensive especially when you have kids i tend to stick to sites that just do a pitch price now when they break it up to adults pitch charges for kids and car they are having a laugh... anyways sorry to rant.

on another note when they first appeared i enquired about a flat pack pod price for the garden but alas they wanted in excess of 5k


Oct 20, 2007
"Just like camping but without the Tent!"


I have seen such atrocities. Its just a way for campsites to up the old profit margins and stay within the law They can also put them on non permanent foundations and so use uneven ground which was not viable before(that of course may be a good thing) Of course eventually they will be all pods and not allow tents
Lets face it it is not really camping you would be better off in your shed or perhaps more closely a beach hut
I like staring at the people who stay in them with an inquisitive look on my face.They never let on why? though
One of my mates thought they were specifically for taking your secretary to on a Friday night
Just like a travel lodge then.
Not for me I am afraid but I cant see the harm in giving it a go The site does look nice


Mar 13, 2011
Maidstone, UK
Stayed there last year - again not in the pods but on the woodland pitches next to them.

Lovely site - staying in the woods and not the field. The pitches up in the woods aren't huge though and are kind of "terraced" so no ability to spread. Not a problem for me on my own but nothing much larger.

Owner's a cheerful chappie - good for a chat.

And the pub ten minutes walk up the road is good for a pint and a bite to eat if you've kanckered yourself completely on any walks. Ten minutes walk there - fifteen minutes walk back.

fast but dim

Nov 23, 2005
I've stayed at grizedale a few times a year for the last four or five years.

It's a superb site,my favourite in the lakes, primarily due to the owner, Arthur, a farmer who had diversified and is always friendly and helpful, and the fact he allows open fires.

The pods are excellent, please dont listen to redandshane who has never stayed in one!

I'm a keen camper, but out of season, especially when it's wet or if you're only staying one night, pods are excellent for the following reasons:

No tent to put up in the dark / wet
Nice and dry and quiet, whatever the weather
No wet tent to pack, take home, unpack, dry out, pack again
No risk of getting flooded out.

Apart from the above, it's just like being in a tent! All the positives, none of the negatives. In summer, I take the oztent, but from oct - march a pod's a far better alternative.

The site's in a pretty good location, as mentioned 10 mins to a pub, couple miles to the visitor centre at grizedale, bit further to hawkeshead for a bit more to do.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the site, the pods, and if you're in a group, the yurts. Arthur (the owner) is one of a kind, He's had a rough couple of years with the weather and personal problems, but always has time for a chat and a laugh... how many campsite owners are like that?


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Oct 1, 2008
W. Yorkshire
Good campsite that Robbi. As Rachael says weve been there a few times, and i went there a few times before i met her too. Nice place. Yurts are great, pods are ok, if a bit cold ( i did a week in one in february.)Though a parrafin lamp soon warms them up. Can get busy during summer but is quiet off peak.