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  • i hope so to mate would be great... not that many spots here apart from arund the resouvoirs which arnt really allowed to be camped on but im in the process of charming 9 acres of woodland from a relative.. maybe?
    Cool cool... im really praying my boss will leyt me go on the friday but cant promise anything.. if i cant come that night iat least the toilet will be dug hahaha...
    yeah im a harrogate lad, york is really close... any good spots near you for questionable legality.....?
    Hi John, good to hear from you, this sounds like a good trip and i am 99% on for this, as long as it would be possible to meet you at yours for a lift? and I would only be able to do the sat and sun (1 night) I appreciate the offer so thanks.
    I havnt done beach camping before and dont know the area so would this be hammocks again or tents etc?
    A bit more info would be great and once again thanks.
    All the best, Joel
    Hi Joel..

    I have been in touch with Andybysea about getting out for a few nights before xmas... we're looking to see what interest there is for the weekend of 11th Dec. It will be up on the beach north of Berwick upon Tweed. If you fancy it you could drive to mine and I could take you the rest of the way.
    I know it's a long trip but it would be good to have you there if you can make it.

    Let me know,

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