Antique South East Asian fire piston

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Dec 13, 2004
Zaandam, the Netherlands
Last year I visited an Amsterdam antique shop that specializes in anthropological items. The owner had a collection of antique South East Asian fire pistons for sale.
Anthropological Fire pistons collection:

She had acquired the fire pistons from an English collector, sadly wihout any specific data for each piston.

She had bought the collection as a curiosity, and did not know much about the history of fire pistons or their use so I gave her a short introduction in 'fire pistonology', inc luding a firelighting demonstration with my own homemade fire piston. I also supplied her with some copies of articles on fire pistons (i.e. Balfour's anthropological assay from early 20th century)

After that she opened a drawer and I got to see -and hold!- all the various fire pistons she had. I felt like a kid in a candy store! ;)

In the end I bought the white fire piston, wondering if it was made from ivory or bone.
My new fire piston:

An internet search a few days later yielded an almost exact copy of my acquired fire piston.
Twin fire piston from the collection of Wereldmuseum Rotterdam:

I can therefore say with some certainty that my fire piston comes from Terengganu, mainland Malaysia ;)

The museum states that theirs is made from bone (probably Asian elephant or rhinoceros judging by the thickness required to make one) so I guess mine is too.



Note by the first picture:
The turned wooden & horn fire pistons that taper into a sharp point are probably all Malaysian. The flat-bottomed ones, the two rectangular ones & the pistol-shaped one look like they are Philipinean.
I could not find a match for the flask-shaped fire piston in online Dutch & international museum collections

Edit: I have replaced the Photobucket-pictures by photographs from Postimage
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Mar 5, 2008
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Unfortunately Photofu^*et don't allow you to share pictures unless you pay the ransom money for the privelage.

Best option is to use Postimage or another free photo hosting site to upload pictures.


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Jan 10, 2006
Oh, that is a find. and a good opportunity to increase the knowlege on something which is very obscure.

My pictures are very fuzzy.


Dec 13, 2004
Zaandam, the Netherlands
After buying the antique fire piston I wanted to try and make a bone fire piston myself and found a piece of cow metacarpal bone in the pet shop. The bone wall was not thick enough to make a piston out of but I made a bone rod to match a small brass piston. It took a lot of splitting, carving and sanding to end up with a straight and round rod.

The handle was made from a piece of cow horn.

It starts a fire but this size seems to border on what is manageable for using a fire piston: any smaller than this would be very hard to use.

This one uses a rubber o-ring, I am currently working on a rod that uses wound thread for making it air tight.


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