Am I correct??

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Oct 1, 2008
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Change ‘many’ in to a ‘disenfranchised minority’ and I would agree with you. Mainly would-be and wannabe mod, who lacking the respect of their peers or the experience and levelheadedness of a bipartisan independent free thinking person, want ‘their ways’ to replace the ways of the majority. And get all ‘bent out of shape’ when their wishes, direction or offers of ‘help’ are not welcomed with a pathetic gratitude and open arms. Like quite a few people they forget that this forum is not a democracy, we do not have rights, especially not equal rights. We, yes, all of us are merely guests, a welcome guest, but still a guest.
It is good to be able to give back to the forum, but if you don’t like the way the forum is run, there are others, others that are welcoming, even boastful of the fact that they take the trouble makers, the banned, the bitter and the vengeful. I’m sure they have already sent out invites to any that they feel are kindred spirits
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As i said, for the most part i have no qualms. I do not dislike or have any probs with anyone personally on here. I do not take offence when opinions are expressed that oppose my own.

I was just pointing out that there are times when i disagree with some decisions(i'm not even referring to the disagreements between me and Toddy on the flu thread here), but in case you have not noticed i don't go slagging people off or complaining about it. Where as some posters get involved in a thread because they neither like nor agree with it and are there to wind people up. If the mods stopped that happening ( which they don't mostly cos they are there mates or share the view hence the opinionated modding comment) then the forum would be better for it, though i can't see this happening as people don't like to admit that they are the ones who do it.

As for rights, you are wrong. We have the rights the rules allow us to have. You may say it is a minority that agrees but i wouldn't want to put money on that.

This place does well and is one of the better forums i have seen, still it aint perfect and still has a few niggles to iron out before i would agree the mods do a great job. Though they don't do too bad mostly.

Edit... Also typing when advised to give it a rest.


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Nov 17, 2003
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For the most part i agree. Too many inconsistencies though for it to be classed as good modding. I would more call it restrictive speech enforcement or opinionated modding.

Not all the time, just on the odd occasion, but still, it is there. It needs working on somewhat. You see a mod has to be unbiased and go with the rules in EVERY situation where modding is required as accorded by the rules. I think that is forgotten at convenient times though with certain people. Which basically means that the rules suit as and when it suits the mods to enforce them.

Many people on this forum already know this of course.
You come to this forum and you want to put the mods on trial. Trial by internet. Because you seem to think you can say whatever you want eh? As far as I'm concerned you are trolling. Last warning. Next ban is permanent. You don't run this forum and thank goodness for that. But just keep pushing and you will see where it gets you. End of the discussion. I'm done talking to you.


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Apr 16, 2003
Hoodoo's got it right HillBill, you've said your piece before, if you carry on feeling the need to push when you've already made your point you're just pulling down threads that do have a chance to become informative and useful to people. Stop it. If you don't like it go somewhere that you're comfortable, where the modding it just to your liking.

there's no need to reply to this on here, you can PM me if you want more clarification on what I'm saying.

Yeah Sapper, you're not the first one to want it stopped, I'll close it now.
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