Afternoon out with my son

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Jan 31, 2015
First of all camera refused to work so no photo's.

With my son off school for Easter and such lovely weather an afternoon trip to the woods was in order. A quick bike ride about 1.5 miles and we're in the woods, we picked a spot by the small river, started gathering tinder, kindling and fire wood. I gave my son the tinder ball with the ember char cloth gently blowing he soon had it burning, slowly but surely adding more and bigger twigs until he had a fire more than adequate to cook our tea chicken korma and rice. While that was cooking I gave him direction in using my new axe a review of that coming up. After tea we had a sling shot competition to which it was a draw, time was drawing in time to extinguish the fire clear and pack up before the 1.5 miles back home. All in all a great afternoon.

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