A small but important favour to ask.

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 20, 2005
Durham City, County Durham
I need to ask a small, but important favour from people who were at the Bushmoot.

My Grandson Cameron Wood didn't quite get the exam results he needed to get onto the Uniformed Services course (police), he was hoping to attend at college in September.
The course director said when his mum phoned them yesterday that they hoped for merits or distinctions in the vocational aspects of his coursework, rather than passes which is what he achieved.
Anyway, he has another interview next Friday to convince them of his suitability.

So I was thinking some personal character testimonials might swing it from people who know him, have seen him perform and interact with others and as he has been to the last three Bushmoots I thought you guys might like to help him out - but only if you are comfortable with doing it.

So, if you'd like to give him a character reference, please do so. PM to me would be best and I can print them out for him to take along to the interview.

Also, if you have professional qualifications (like a serving police officer, minister of the church, magistrate or similar) and are comfortable disclosing that privately to me, that may also help.

I'll leave it in your hands then guys and gals, and Cameron and I thank you in advance for any responses we get.



Nov 7, 2012
Hi Eric

It was lovely to meet you at the moot :D if only for a short time.

I only wish I'd had the time to meet your grandson :) We hope he gets his wish :D


Jul 26, 2013
East Midlands, UK
Hi Eric,
I'm afraid I have never met your grandson and would therefore obviously not be able to write a reference for him. Sorry.

I'm posting because I have a bit of history with the uniformed services and might be able to offer some reassurance - I was in the army for four years and have been a full time firefighter for over six years. My best mate has been a PC for over 12 years and there is an ex PC on my watch at work.

He should not be disheartened if he doesn't manage to secure a place on the course. They are falsely advertised and offer no increased chance of securing a place in the uniformed services.

My advice would be for him to get a job, perhaps as an apprentice and find a volunteering opportunity. Then when he is old enough apply to become a special PC, this has been shown to offer a distinct advantage. Whilst the work both paid and voluntary will give him the necessary real world life experience the services are looking for.

I'm not sure whereabouts he lives but if he were to pop into his local fire station (the police are too busy to have time for a chat) possibly with a packet of biscuits I'm sure they would be happy to share with him the benefit of their experience.

I realise that this might be difficult to swallow, (I had a disappointing experience with the RAF upon leaving school, I sympathise) but if he truly wants to be a copper then he will achieve it, with or without a college course.

Please feel free to ask or pm me if I might be of any use to you.

I sincerely hope your grandson achieves his dream!



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 20, 2005
Durham City, County Durham
Just a quick update. Cameron had his college interview today, and he walked it. Straight in to level 3 extended, exactly what he wanted. He didn't need the testimonials/character references but he thanks all who provided them and said it was a great confidence boost. Other than that he did it all on his own merit.
So thanks again everyone who responded. Much appreciated.

Eric (and Cameron).

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