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  1. Stanisław Cuske

    Travel to South America - TENT

    Hi. Hi. Hi, At the beginning of 2020, I'm going with my gilfriend on a 'one-year' journey through South America. We start at the bottom and finish at the top ^^. We are looking for the perfect tent to spend most of our nights in. So far, our travels have been limited to one region and one type...
  2. T

    Sold OzTrail 20L Canvas Shower with Brass Rose

    OzTrail 20L Canvas Camp Shower with Brass Rose, used probably twice! £70 ONO POSTED BT please. Many thanks
  3. J

    KampRite Tent Cot

    I'm interested in getting a tent cot for my summer road trips, but when I search for tent cot options on internet I always end up seeing a lot of Kamp-Rite's. Like in these articles, https://professionalcamping.com/best-double-tent-cots/ and https://theoutdoorland.com/best-camping-tents-cot/...
  4. Tagaeri

    Sold Wild Country Coshee Micro tent

    Selling a Coshee Micro tent from Wild Country by Terra Nova. I got this to try out for work. It's only been put up once, and tried out for a few minutes. We had a few tents at the same time, and we ended up going with a Six Moons Design tent in the end, so the Coshee Micro has sat in a cupboard...
  5. OrtesPL

    Bell tent campsite on budget

    Hi All! I'm new here so nice to meet you all. I'm trying to find cheap campsite with a bell tent or similar to take my better half with me. Toilet and shower is a must, bed and other facilities as an option Can you recommend anything close to London in reasonable price range? Have tried to...
  6. J

    Sold Hilleberg Keron 4 GT Tent + Footprint

    Same as this Footprint: like this Bought it about 2 years ago. This has been used a handful of times. It should really be used more than it is TBH. As with all of my kit, I keep it in as mint a condition as possible. The foot print has some minor mud marks on the bottom and the titanium tent...
  7. L

    DD Tarp 3m x 3m BRAND NEW

    As the title states, this is a great quality tarp measuring 3m by 3m, it's of the standard green color and is perfect for any adventure! Any questions feel free to drop me a message! Price £20 + £5 postage
  8. rancid badger

    Ultimate Equipment 2 man Tent but Which Model?

    As the title; I've got an "Ultimate Equipment" 2 man tent but I've no idea what model it is and there's nothing on the labeling to say which model it is either :confused: It's a cracking piece of kit, simple but really well thought out; The poles slot into each other and the ends are then...
  9. Chirrup

    Tent Pitching

    Hey guys, so I'm a complete n00b to camping and pitching tents and I was thinking... when pitching your tent, is it better to clear leaf litter and have a flat, albeit cold base on which to camp, or can you build up leaf litter to provide a cushiony insulated bed of leaves to try and retain more...
  10. Th3V1k1ng

    Marmot Grid 2p tent - never used in anger

    SOLD I have up for sale an almost brand new Marmot grid 2p tent, even has the repair pack as well. Bought it last year to use at some motorcycle rallies i never made it to. So, getting rid of a load of kit, to make room for my GF's things when she moves in. Looking for £165 including paypal...
  11. M

    Tent - Oztent RV5 - erects in 30 seconds

    Oztent RV5 with Deluxe side & front panels, ground sheet and extra poles/guy lines. It is easily erected by one person in less than 30 seconds Great for following the Tour de France - it sleeps 5, you can pitch it anywhere for the night, then in the morning pack it away in 30 seconds and move...
  12. JC1984

    Wild camping tent advice...for me and the missus

    Hi all, So...the better half and I are off to do a bit of wild camping in a few weeks time so I'm on the hunt for a new tent. I am looking for something fairly decent 3 berth so we aren't too cramped Light and small enough to carry around all day walking. Budgeting around the £100...
  13. W

    Helsport Finnmark Lavvu For Sale

    I have decided to sell my Helsport Finnmark Lavvu. It has only been used once since it was bought and that was only for one weekend, so it is in perfect, as new condition. The only other time it has been put up was last weekend to take these photos. I am selling as it is not being used and...
  14. P

    Patrol Tent Canvases for sale - BushMoot

    Patrol Tent Canvases for sale - available delivered to the BushMoot I have three ex-scout group Patrol Tent Canvases that I would like to sell. They are without poles, but it is possible to buy them online or make them if you are handy. The guy lines along the edges are included but not the...
  15. presterjohn

    Dutch army 2 two man tent. Does anyone actually have one?

    I was reading with interest the thread on the little Polish Lavvu tents and during a check about to see who selling them I noticed that a few sites are selling a Two man tent as used by the Dutch army. It looks on paper to be a great little base camp tent, but I can see not a single proper...
  16. O

    Pillow Recomedations

    Right guys, I just spent the night in a tent and had this pillow from the 99p store. It was inflatable and cheap. I didn't get on with it and gave up after half an hour. So can anybody recommend a pillow that packs down very small and is very comfortable. I would also like to be able to use it...
  17. hemdale

    Need to waterproof a new tent ?

    Hi guys, Just wondered if the waterproofing treatment on a tent was definitely ok or if it was a bit too superficial ? I don't doubt that Hilleberg tents are incredibly waterproof but I know that (sometimes) factory waterproofing treatments can be a bit "weak". I just wanted to have your...
  18. hemdale

    Tent for 2 people : North Face Tadpole 2 vs MSR Hubba Hubba HP

    Hi guys, Just wondered if any of you have tried one of these ? I've read some mixed reviews, eventhough the MSR seems to really standout. As money is concerned, I can have a rather good deal on the North Face which will be £ 50 cheaper than the MSR. As always, I don't see myself buying a new...
  19. Smith28

    Tent advice

    Hello chaps, I am in search of some help and advice. I'm trying to find a tent to use to go backpacking in Europe. Specifically it will be around Southern France/Northern Spain. It's not a winter expedition so I'm not too worried about getting a winter proof fortress. I'm looking for a tent...
  20. E

    Tent help!

    i'm looking for a lightweight 2 person tent that can stand up to the very worst that the welsh mountains can throw at it. it needs to be spacious enough for 2 tall teenagers with kit and yet be light enough to be carried over the mountains. anyone got any suggestions or experience with something...