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  1. WildMedic

    IPK Tarp / Basha End for added protection

    I have just completed a little project. I took an offcut of an IPK and cut it into a triangle. I added webbing corners that were riveted. On to these I attached shock cord with plastic hooks on the end. The upshot is an end that will provide extra coverage at the front of ends of a tarp. So, no...
  2. unijaw

    Newbie Tarp setup! Advice needed!

    Hey folks so I purchased a DD 3x3 tarp and a travel hammock and it arrived today. I set up the tarp in my back garden with my limited knowledge of setting up tarps. Please take a look and tell me how I did if you could recommend your favourite tarp setups for wind/rain/general. If you could also...
  3. Elen Sentier

    Iggerant Question

    OK ... I is iggerant ... will someone tell me what (if any) are the differences between a tarp basha hootchie and are there yet more terms for the things?
  4. theoctagon

    DIY Tarp

    I've been thinking about heading out with just a tarp and bivi but after a quick trial run with my hammock tarp I decided I needed something a little smaller. I didn't really want to splash out on a new tarp as I'm not really sure how much use it will get, plus I quite like the idea of being...
  5. effzedess

    Multicam Tarp (not DD)

    I've been trying to get hold of the 3x3 UKMCPRO Multicam Elite Basha (tarp). It's been out of stock for a month and they've just informed me it could be another 6 weeks till it's available :( Has anyone got one or something like it that they don't want / need? (Not really interested in the DD...
  6. O

    Has anybody tried this Tarp and Hammock?

    Hi, I am looking at getting a tarp and hammock and thought this one might be good. http://www.militarymart.co.uk//camping/hammocks-/-tarps-/-basha/nomad-hammock-and-tarp-pack/prod_1904.html Has anybody had any previous experiences with this. ATM i don't really want to fork out almost £100...

    DD Hammock Pack 2012 with XL Tarp upgrade Unboxing review....... TBC

    Thanks to Sandbag47's recent group buy on BCUK I took delivery today of a DD Hammocks Frontline pack deal with an XL tarp upgrade. The pack consists of the following:- (all weights from my kitchen scales with 5g resolution) Mil-Com DR35 35Litre pack 945g XL Tarp Olive 4.5 Metres X 3...
  8. Partickpebbles

    Out this Friday, as the forecast is goooood!

    Well that the plan, in my permissions wood. Been a while so should be interesting to see the changes since last time I was there (June time I think..) Certainly looks ver green with a tinge of Orange! Plan to stay in the same spot where we have wood stock built up! Will post pics of course!
  9. Angus Og

    Kathmandu Trekking Basha-tent System. (Pic heavy)

    SOLD Kathmandu Trekking Basha-tent System. £85. Incs Recorded Delivery P&P U.K. only, payment by Paypal or bank transfer. Used a couple of times The canopy is made from Silicon-Elastomer proofed Rip-Stop Nylon, 3 metres squared ,equipped with 16 perimeter loops and central loop with a...
  10. Partickpebbles

    Another Night in our Wood!

    So Friday despite the showers, Resnikov, me another mate revisited our Permissioned wood. It had been a month since our last visit and the good weather had certainly promoted growth. The Canopy what far fuller and so supressed the daylight more than before. It was strange sitting in a dark...
  11. P

    Tarp shape

    I have had a very interesting look at some sites for tarp manufacturers and am curious about the best shape. Now catenary cut tarps are best for a taut A frame pitch but are not flexible enough for other styles of pitch. Ground dwelling only BTW. That lead me to thinking about flat tarps and...
  12. P

    UL Tarps for ground dweller - who makes or sells them?

    I am thinking that I need a smaller and lighter tarp for UL backpacking with a bivvy. I am used to an 8' square sil-nylon tarp but at a little over 600g is too big and heavy. Just wondered if anyone knows of a maker or retailer that has something good. I'd obviously spend as little as I could...
  13. ex member coconino

    For sale: DD Tarp 2, 3x3m, 1600g

    ** SOLD ** DD Tarp 2, 3 m x 3 m, 1600g, 8 fixing points (no ridge loops), including guy lines (no pegs). Condition: as new except for stain on stuff sack. £18 inc. postage within UK. Bank transfer or Paypal, bank transfer preferred. This is the same one I bought recently from UKdave (see this...
  14. Extreme Pilgrim

    Hennessy Camo UK

    Does anybody know of a UK stockist of any of the Hennessy camo range? I am aware that I could submit a request direct to the US :spam: but may be hit by a large import tax bill. :hammock: Many thanks. :thankyou:
  15. dasy2k1

    Woodland edge Firebox want Hammock

    I have a woodland edge firebox (bought at the outdoors show this year with light useage) have only used it the once (at middlewood last weekend) and diddnt get on with it overly well... it also weighs a fair bit too much to be carrying as i dont drive...
  16. E

    Hammock Underblankets

    i am a self confessed hammockaholic and at the moment i am using a DD camping hammock and 3x3 tarp with a self inflating roll mat inbetween the layers and a 3 season sleeping bag around me. From reading through the forum here, i notice that many people use these "underblankets" and wondered...
  17. Loenja

    guylines, tarps and ridglines

    ok guys im just curios Question (1) what strength guyline would you recommend, i got some 45kg strength polyester? rope is this strong enough for a tarp guylines. question (2) and i got some of the same stuff just stronger for a ridgeline but it seems too stretch a lot, is this a big concern...
  18. Extreme Pilgrim

    Australian Hootchie/Tarp/Basha/Poncho

    Greetings all, I am a virgin poster so please be kind. ;) forgive me for posting what is in essence a re-post of a topic which is has been cover before, albeit some years ago but I was wanting to tap into this font of knowledge to see weather anybody knew of a UK stockist of the Aussie...
  19. L

    Wanted - Tatonka polycotton tarp

    I am looking for a tatonka polycotton tarp, either the tarp 2 tc (300cm x 300cm) or even better the tarp 3 tc (396cm x 396cm). Also looking for a couple of extendable poles. Anyone?
  20. Kai Leingod

    Tarp for trade

    i have a Brittish replica Tarp available for trade Very sturdy Taped at the seems here is a pic of it in use *on hold* also comes with 10 tent pegs and 5 hi vis guy ropes 3.8 Metres in length (each) also comes with its own bag Also as new gelert ascent 1 cookset *Swapped Waiting to be...