Woodland edge Firebox want Hammock

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May 26, 2009
I have a woodland edge firebox (bought at the outdoors show this year with light useage)

have only used it the once (at middlewood last weekend)
and diddnt get on with it overly well... it also weighs a fair bit too much to be carrying as i dont drive

http://www.woodlandedge.co.uk/firebox.html gives particulars of the firebox.... This one is in used condition with the normal cosmetic wear (soot, heat marks on metal etc) expected from being a firebox.

cost for a brand new one is £65

so what would i be willing to trade it for?

well I really want a hammock of some kind (DD camper or traveler or similiar)

would also be interested in a decent tarp (DD standard tarp for example)

open to other offers too. so dont be put off if you dont have a hammock to spare...


Jun 8, 2007
merseyside, england
i have a genuine army tarp, a fully treated sheepskin (4' x 2'), US poncho liner, SAK swisschamp and many other sharps should other offers fall through