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  1. XIX

    Sold 5.11 Rush 72 backpack black

    5.11 tactical Rush 72 hour Molle backpack in black. This pack has been used but in very good condition. Has the odd scuff here and there but no rips/tears or damage and all zips are in perfect order. Plenty of Velcro for patches/pockets and Molle for customisation. Smoke and pet free home. from...
  2. LewesBushcraft

    Berghaus Crusader Size 2 - Swap for Size 3

    I took a punt on a Crusader from the auction site but it's too small for me. It's in good used condition, although the previous owner has removed the baffle which separated the main compartment in two. I'm looking to swap for a size 3. Cheers.
  3. XIX

    Sold Karrimor Sf delta 35l rucksack-black

    Used but in good condition-been in the loft for too long and house move forces thinning out kit. £45 delivered. Item is in Rayleigh, Essex. The Delta 35 is a lightweight and effective daypack, but with a capacity of 35 Litres it can easily be used for a weekend hike or trek in the mountains...
  4. Lün

    Withdrawn Please Delete

    Please Delete
  5. L

    Putting on a rucksack, right handed or left handed?

    I'm right-handed and always put my rucksack on by starting with looping my right arm through the right shoulder strap. Yesterday my neck and right shoulder were a bit stiff and so I tried putting it on 'left-handed' i.e. looping my left shoulder through the left shoulder strap first. It felt...
  6. D

    Berghaus Extrem Cyclops iii Quartz 65 + 10 Backpack

    PRICE DROP - £50 delivered to your door (UK mainland). Hi all, new member here! I have a Berghaus Extrem Cyclops iii Quartz 65 + 10 Backpack for sale. Its had very, very little use, just a 2 week trip to new Zealand as airline/campervan luggage, never used for any kind of backpacking. Red...
  7. G

    Backpack rain cover recommendations wanted

    Hi folks, I'm after a rain cover for my backpack, and am frustrated by the lack of info on the various websites, as they don't show how they attache to the pack, so hoping those that own them can help. I have a "Mil-Tec Patrol MOLLE Assault Pack Tactical Rucksack 20L" with quite a few pouches...
  8. R

    Maxpedition Vulture II, OD Green

    Update: This is now sold. I got this pack about a year ago and it's been out with me on one overnighter so far. It's a great pack - and a great big pack. They tend to go for about �150 on Amazon/Heinnie. Maxpedition link. I'm selling because I got my hands on a Karrimor SF pack which fits...
  9. Th3V1k1ng

    Campari Summit II rucksack

    In decent condition. Belt buckle a bit rusty, but works. all zips work. Unknown when it was last waterproofed, so could do with either a good dose of grangers or nikwax, depends which one you usually use. Looking for £30 including p&p
  10. Tagaeri

    New low price: Custom British Army NI Patrol Pack (33-58lt) + PLCE/MOLLE extras!

    OK, let's try this again with a low, low price! I'm selling my genuine issued DPM British Army Northern Ireland Patrol Pack. These are great, bomb proof packs to start off with, but I had mine professionally modified to make it a unique and highly versatile rucksack. The changes I've made...
  11. twyforge

    Which Rucksack For DofE?

    Hi all, I am planning for my DofE Bronze Practice Expedition and I was wondering if anyone would be able to suggest a good rucksack that I would be able to use for my DofE expeditions? As a good rucksack is quite a considerable investment, I would also like to have the ability to use it for...
  12. Percy92

    50L Molle Rucksack, with attachments. At a good price!

    Okay so a quick overview of the pack itself. Main Comparment Upper front compartment 2x Side Pockets (Molle attachments) Lower Front pouch with several pouches attached to itself (Molle attachment, turns into 'fanny' pack) Chest strap, waist strap Various straps to pull the pack...
  13. 1

    For swap: karrimor predator 45 & two side pouches

    Hi guys!! I have a karrimor predator 45, its been used a few times but you really wouldn't be able to tell. Available with the pack or available separately are two side pouches - the ones with two mag pouches at the top and a minimi pouch at the bottom... Everything is in olive...
  14. 1

    Bulldog Lycan Pack

    Hi guys, Sorting out the kit today came across a few bits - one that might interest you is a pretty much brand new bulldog lycan pack. I have only used it once or twice, I did put black and nasty on the main carry handle (dont ask why) but I can easily remove that. I will post the link to a...
  15. T

    5.11 Tactical Triab 18 in Sandstone BNWT

    Brand new with Tags- was a Xmas present but I have to many rucksacks! See £90 ono incl postage and paypal fees
  16. H

    Kifaru Loco Review (PIC HEAVY!)

    No question what this is... Yes, I am slightly Loco for paying this much for what is basically a glorified small ALICE pack/Short back bergen. Made of 1000D Cordura, it weighs about 3kg empty with all the accessories strapped on ( Medium belt pouch on lid, MOLLE pouch on front, Grab-It and GPS...
  17. The MAX

    Suggestions for an rucksack?

    I've tried searching on here but haven't found much. Earlier this year I bought a rubberized canvas swiss pack that I thought was the bees knees, but after getting it home and trying to pack it I discovered it's too small for my purposes and winter is coming on which means more gear. Maybe good...
  18. Hippydude73

    Top shop

    This is my 1st post. Just got an army issue artic sleeping bag and bergin to complete my bush craft kit. Tested the bag out in my hammock last night and I definitively need an underquilt. The shop I got the gear from was genuine army Surplus in Darlington. Here's the link...
  19. The MAX

    Swiss Rubberized Rusksack (advice wanted)

    Hi all, So as I've stated here before I do mostly canoe camping. the canoe does most of the work, but portaging is always the hardest part. Usually I'm alone, and I've had a bad back for a long time, but all this portaging is certainly making it worse. I'm to the point where I'm going to go...
  20. unijaw

    The Berghaus Crusader any thoughts to share?

    I'm seriously considering purchasing this rucksack it seems to be a safe purchase but I am unsure if I can find one in the store so might have to buy blind over the net. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Berghaus Crusader 90+20 crusader? From what I've gathered the Berghaus Vulcan appears...