1. Jon1000

    Sold Cold Steel SRK (survival rescue knife) for sale A1

    cold steel survival rescue knife for sale, a gift i received about 6 years ago, has been sat in the attic in a box ever since. it is the original AUS-8 steel if any one is wondering, as i was just asked like new condition, see pics, never used to cut anything. comes with the provided...
  2. XIX

    Sold Velcro knife storage case

    Tan coloured six folding knife storage case with Velcro closure and a Velcro patch panel on the front. Also has a small carry handle on the back. Has a couple of small pulls in the black lining as seen from the pics but no other marks. Price: £15 paypalled and delivered
  3. XIX

    For Sale Beuchat mini legend diving/waterproof knife

    Beuchat mini legend diving knife. Brand new never used just stored with diving kit. Comes in tatty box with hardware. Great for diving, snorkelling, fishing, canoeing etc. £25
  4. G

    For Sale Adventure Sworn Classic

    Final Price Drop - £225 (PayPal. inc UK shipping) Hi all, Selling a completely unused Adventure Sworn Classic - O1 steel, ivory micarta and cinnamon red liners. No sheath (due to wanting the import charges as low as possible when I originally purchased the knife), but a Woodlore sheath is...
  5. T

    Sold Veikko Hakkarainen Kullervo Pukko

    1. ITEM: Veikko Hakkarainen Kullervo Pukko stacked birch bark handle 2. CONDITION: great 4. LOCATION: west sussex 5. PRICE: £65 including postage 6. DESCRIPTION: Veikko Hakkarainen Kullervo Pukko stacked birch bark handle 7. PICTURES:
  6. T

    For Sale Ben Orford Woodlander 4" English Yew Handle

    Ben Orford Woodlander 4" English Yew Handle 3.5mm blade Located in West Sussex £240 Posted, BT preferred Ben Orford Woodlander 4" English Yew Handle, green liners, Brand new boxed
  7. Peto

    For Sale Custom knife in D2 steel

    Handmade knife in D2 steel and ovangol handle. Blade thickness: 0.157" length: 4.64", width: 1.18", overall length: 9.25. The knife has a handmade custom made case from 4mm thick leather, with decorative element. Hardened on 59HRC. Professional work with lifetime guarantee. Price: 240GBP shipped...
  8. Ruud

    For Sale Skookum Bush Tool - A2

    Got this Skookum Bush Tool in A2 steel after a wait of 40 months out of the USA. Knife made by Rod Garcia, it is known for its affiliation with Mors Kochanski. The knife is brand new, no usermarks. I will give it a nice strop with some Tormek paste before it goes out. I've used a Skookum in A2...
  9. BradRadical

    My new Knife & Pocket Sharpener.

    Hey guys! So I registered today and I also received a couple new goodies in the post! Number 1 is the main event of the post and it’s my new KA BAR & Becker BK7! All I can say is woah, was a lovely piece of kit! My plans for this knife is to put it through it’s paces and eventually strip the...

    Fancy folding knife sheath

    Hei! I was gifted a folding knife some time ago. Last time I used one on daily basis was in my childhood. But I have become to love this folder so damn much that it sometimes does the tasks that my belt knife usually does. Excellent folder! So I made a leather sheath for it to carry on the belt...
  11. Dave Budd

    For Sale Sharpening Course: Feb 4th

    I've got a sharpening course coming up in a few weeks time and there are still spaces, so thought I'd see if anybody here would like to take them up at a special BCUK discounted rate! :) One day course to learn how to sharpen knives and axes primarily. I'll go through edge geometry...
  12. Dave Budd

    Yakut blades

    After seeing a post from Janne about a type of Siberian knife known as a Yakut (not to be confused with a hipster yogurt product), I thought I would see if I could get one knocked up for the Moot. I had a little look into them on t'interweb and they are an interesting blade. Convex to the left...
  13. L

    Copied conversation thread - Ray Mears 25th Anniversary Woodlore Knife #100

    Note from Tony - This is not a ales thread but a copy of a thread in classifieds, this thread is for conversation so the sales thread can remain clean. Hi everyone! As an occasional visitor to these forums, I am well aware of the comments that are typically made when members sell high value...
  14. aj.jackson89

    Sharpening Morakniv Heavy Duty MG - Advice needed!

    Hey guys, Hope you're all good? As i'm just starting out in the wonderful world of Bushcraft I recently purchased a Morakniv Heavy Duty MG knife. It arrived all good, and a great price! I am just a bit stumped as to which would be the best method/piece of kit to get the thing suitably...
  15. knifeman

    Knife suggestions

    Hi all, I've been into bushcraft for a number of years and now, I would definitely not call myself an expert if any sorts but I know a fair amount and want to upgrade my knife. I have used mora's for the most part and my current knife is a mora classic,(the laminated carbon version. I'm not sure...
  16. Dave Budd

    Bushcraft Tools Making workshop (axes knives, etc)

    Last group course of the season and I have a space to fill again. This time it's a week long course to make your own Bushcraft Cutting Tool kit! :Wow: This course combines my knife and axe making courses, with a little extra thrown in. As always the course is run in my Woodland Workshop in...
  17. L

    ***Lanksy "Puck" Axe/Knife sharpener BRAND NEW***

    Lanksy puck sharpener. I have used Lanksy sharpeners for some time and whilst I have tested this bad boy out I can attest to the quality of their products and I expect this one to be no different. Price £4 + £2 postage
  18. Angst

    Latest Knife Sheaths & 'Stained Glass Window GB SFA Masks

    Hi...just finished some more items to go in my Bushcraft Show stock boxes....the glaringly bright sunshine has not made the pics exactly accurate but hey, who's complaining! hope you like! regards Sonni
  19. Angst

    My First British Blades Commission...Nightmare LOL!

    Hi...recently joined BB and one of the members contacted me straight away to do him a sheath...I had a quick look at the pics available and said yup yup....very happy to get a commission so quickly. A week or so later I picked the monster up to start work and noticed how slim the leading edges...
  20. TheBrook

    Kit Review: ESEE-4 Knife

    Hey Everyone, Hope you are all doing well and still managing to get out there at this colder time of year? In this video I give a 'no-holds barred' kit review of the ESEE-4 Knife and I'm not scared to share with you the negative aspects as well as the positive...