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  1. knifeman

    Knife suggestions

    Hi all, I've been into bushcraft for a number of years and now, I would definitely not call myself an expert if any sorts but I know a fair amount and want to upgrade my knife. I have used mora's for the most part and my current knife is a mora classic,(the laminated carbon version. I'm not sure...
  2. Dave Budd

    Bushcraft Tools Making workshop (axes knives, etc)

    Last group course of the season and I have a space to fill again. This time it's a week long course to make your own Bushcraft Cutting Tool kit! :Wow: This course combines my knife and axe making courses, with a little extra thrown in. As always the course is run in my Woodland Workshop in...
  3. L

    ***Lanksy "Puck" Axe/Knife sharpener BRAND NEW***

    Lanksy puck sharpener. I have used Lanksy sharpeners for some time and whilst I have tested this bad boy out I can attest to the quality of their products and I expect this one to be no different. Price £4 + £2 postage
  4. Angst

    Latest Knife Sheaths & 'Stained Glass Window GB SFA Masks

    Hi...just finished some more items to go in my Bushcraft Show stock boxes....the glaringly bright sunshine has not made the pics exactly accurate but hey, who's complaining! hope you like! regards Sonni
  5. Angst

    My First British Blades Commission...Nightmare LOL!

    Hi...recently joined BB and one of the members contacted me straight away to do him a sheath...I had a quick look at the pics available and said yup yup....very happy to get a commission so quickly. A week or so later I picked the monster up to start work and noticed how slim the leading edges...
  6. TheBrook

    Kit Review: ESEE-4 Knife

    Hey Everyone, Hope you are all doing well and still managing to get out there at this colder time of year? In this video I give a 'no-holds barred' kit review of the ESEE-4 Knife and I'm not scared to share with you the negative aspects as well as the positive...
  7. D_Fisher

    Which cheap small fixed blade?

    Hi guys, I'm looking into purchasing a small fixed blade knife to keep handy when I'm out and about. It'll be used for general duties stuff; prepping tinder, cutting cord, light carving etc.. Don't have a massive budget at all. Was hoping to keep it around the £30 mark and below...
  8. Angst

    DC3 & DC4 'Signatures', Ka-bar USMC, Fairbairn-Sykes & One For The Leftys

    Hi all... Hi...just finished making these, the DC3 & DC4-pouch versions are the first ones made from my recently up-dated templates...over-all happy with them...not edge-koted yet but as the sun was out I grabbed the picture whilst I could, hope you like! regards s
  9. Angst

    Sheath Commission For Brother Ammo...W.I.P.

    Hi...Kal asked me to do him a custom version of my 'signature sheath' (that's what Angela always refers to it as anyway, not I, sounds arrogant lol)...among other things (he's a hard man to please) he wanted it in a mix of brown and mahogany with a tooled border and the firesteel loop dropped...
  10. Seoras

    Bushmoot Starter Course

    For the second year at the Bushmoot we ran the Starter course. This course is designed for anyone who wants to spend time in a comfortable environment practicing some of the key skills that many bushcrafters take for granted. This is a course that is open to anyone no matter their age as I...
  11. Th3V1k1ng

    Russian AK 47 - kalashnikov bayonet with scabbard

    Russian AK 47 - kalashnikov bayonet with scabbard genuine army bayonet not a repro I have 2 in stock 1x £45 including p&p (proof your over 18 years old) sent via hermes tracked, traced and signed for
  12. Cosquet

    Is this the right stuff to buy?

    HI, first of all....I'm new to this world (the only knife I've had in my life was a Victorinox Hunter model)....anyway. I am now living in the mountains of Nepal (1000 meters up, nothing dramatic) and I'm in charge of a little property that I have to take care of.....this will involve making a...
  13. Tagaeri

    Wanted: Hobo stove (swap for Muela Storm-W knife)

    OK, before I sell my knife, I thought I'd see if anyone here wanted it in exchange for a hobo stove... The knife is a Muela Storm-W hunting knife. It's a full tang, 5.5" 440 stainless steel blade, with black micarta handle. It's unused and been in storage for a few years (the handle pins have...
  14. twyforge

    File Knife Making Help

    Hi all, I have just started making a file knife but seem to be running into some difficulties. The file is very easy to cut with a thin abrasive cut-off disc in the angle grinder, but I can't for the life of me drill holes in the tang for handle pins. I have even invested in a number of...
  15. C

    Polishing a knife blade

    first of all hi people, my first post on the forum. just inquiring if anybody can recommend a compound or polish to use when polishing my blade. had my knife for a few years now, all though i do take good care of it (lovely knife) it has a few scratches on the blade through use and...
  16. Angst

    Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger Sheath

    Just finished first draft and still drying lol....but here ' up is a revised sheath for Sir Caines Survival Tool as the Staniforths one is slightly different than the A. Wrights....I've had enough lol.... regards, s
  17. Angst

    Chris Caine Companion Sheath MKII & New CC Knife Sheath!

    Hi...just finished these....made a few changes to the first Companion sheath design....bit longer to enable eyelet, moved the belt loop round a little and changed the flap size and angle which was a nightmare....very happy with it and this ones mine lol! And first draft for Chris'
  18. Dave Budd

    Spaces on April Knife Making course!

    Morning folks :) The first group knife making course of the year is on in a couple of weeks time and I find myself with a couple of spare places! So I thought I would offer them up here :dancer: The course is set for the weekend of 26th-27th and held in my Woodland Workshop in the heart...
  19. Salaud


    4 month old Leuku and Puuko combi Leuku has 8 1/4 inch blade and 5 1/4 inch curly birch and antler handle Puuko has 3 inch blade and 4 1/4 inch curly birch and antler handle Leuku is 2.5 mm thick, Puuko is 2mm thick both are carbon steel and shaving sharp, easy to resharpen. Leuku...
  20. Viktor

    Latest bushcraft knife with sami inspired sheath

    Thought I would share my latest handmade made knife to inspire you all to make you own. You only need basic tools like saw, rasp, files, sandpaper, sandpaper and more sandpaper. :p Other than that you only need a few free week ends. Note before the pictures: Was a bit busy with "life" so I...